Cheap beauty: how to take care of yourself at a low price

Whether you are exhausted by the incessant cycle of the “Metro, Work, Dodo” and dream of a good monthly massage, or student penniless, it is sometimes difficult to find cheap beauty care, home or institute.

Especially since, as demonstrated by the website Lookfantastic in one of her studies in 2016, French women spend an average of about € 2,480 per year in cosmetics alone. This is of course not counting all visits to the hairdresser, the beauty salon, etc.

That’s why as an expert at, I wanted to look at all the tricks to take care of you without breaking the bank.

Test beauty products for free

If you register on several specialized sites or the online community of some women’s magazines, you can apply to receive samples (or even standard size tubes) of care or makeup without paying anything.

They will be sent to you for testing and giving your opinion about them on online platforms or on consumer forums.

To have a chance to be selected, you must be a member, have your profile well informed and specified the kind of products you use. Indeed, brands usually choose testers based on their skin type and habits.

In addition, if you tend to be very active in these evaluation sites, you will have even more reasons to be qualified. Apply for example on Beauty-Test, Current Woman – the testers and Gouiran Creative.

In addition, magazines regularly offer creams, mascaras and other beauty products in the pockets of their paper editions, especially when the weather is nice. For a few euros, you get a good time reading and a small gift to pamper you.

It’s also a good way to see if this make-up or care is right for you. On Naïma’s Good Deals, read regularly the section devoted to this kind of deals so as not to miss opportunities. 

Brands of excellent quality at very low prices

Most of the time, cosmetics incorporate the same ingredients in their composition: salicylic acid to treat pimples, hyaluronic acid to moisturize, squalane to nourish, vitamin C to lighten the complexion, etc.

What makes the difference in price is not necessarily the quality of components, it is often the name of the brand (especially if it is known for its luxury goods), packaging and marketing …

This is how The Ordinary has become famous in recent years by returning to the basics. It is true that their packaging and bottles are rather rudimentary and do not particularly catch the eye. However, all key ingredients are sold separately or in conjunction with another asset, and at a low price.

Just understand the properties of each to concoct a beauty routine perfectly suited to the needs of your skin. Head to the FeelUnique website to find the range and their website to assess your needs. The Inkley List is on the same trend but is available in France on the Sephora website.

On which sites can one buy cheap beauty products?

Speaking of cosmetics and perfume distributors, some stand out thanks to the low prices they constantly adopt. The website offers a very large number of well-known brands at particularly competitive prices, and sometimes sold well. For example, you can regularly discover discounts on Décléor or Prevage ranges allowing you to make big savings.

Fragrance department, Fragrances Cheaper and News Fragrances also stand out. You can find the best deals of these online stores on the Savoo page dedicated for this purpose.

Of course, the most famous stores like Sephora, Marionnaud and Nocibé frequently operate very advantageous promotions. These are obviously present at the time of the sales, but not only. These include flash sales or Sephora’s Beauty Days that help you save money on your favorite products.

In addition, online-only brands such as Feelunique, Lookfantastic, Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty – which sell some of the exclusive brands that are popular with beauty addicts – usually offer large discounts or coupon codes on many products. Do not worry, they all deliver in France quickly and according to the total amount of your purchases, you can sometimes benefit from free shipping.

Finally, Private Beauty remains a very complete platform if you want to please you: you can provide cheap cosmetics but also take advantage of the offers on care institute and salons. Just join the club and you will receive all the promotions in your mailbox.

Our tips for booking a cheap salon service

Treatwell lists a range of hair and beauty salons and spas around the Hexagon. If you first sign up for their newsletter, you will be awarded a discount to save on your first booking.

Many services clearly show their reduced prices so that you identify the most advantageous. You can also filter the rates through the box “offers off-peak and last minute” to reveal additional discounts. Sometimes you will also be rewarded if you leave your opinion after your visit in the living room: you can then receive a voucher for the next reservation.

If you are good at bidding and eBay has no secrets for you, why not try your luck on Auctions? You need to be fast and responsive, but the game is worth it: you can get great deals on your next remodeling, facials or other sessions well being!

Note also that some schools of hairdressing, massage and aesthetics open their institutes to individuals to allow their apprentices to make the hand. Visit their websites to find the best way to contact them and offer them to play the models.

Do not be afraid: the student trainers are always at their side to monitor their actions. You may just spend a little more time on the chair, but is it a hard test to overcome in exchange for cheap care?

All other manips ‘that will help you save on your beauty shopping

If you do not want to miss a single opportunity to buy the products of your choice at well-discounted prices, sign up for brand newsletters and follow them on social media. In the kind of specific alerts, FeelUnique stands out by offering a push notifications system that will warn you of all new promotions.

Speaking of social media, Facebook is an ideal platform to share your passion for cosmetics with other enthusiasts in specialized groups. You can even find community pages “Buy and sell” dedicated to the resale and repurchase of products that you do not want anymore / which do not correspond to your skin etc.

Often sold out, these items are really worth it. Just make sure the seller specifies the quantity remaining and the date the product was opened (but some were not even touched!). We recommend the Makeup and Beauty Products group with more than 4,600 members.

Do not forget to check the promo codes available on the Savoo pages dedicated to beauty brands.  It’s a good way to find a clear list of current affairs. In addition to coupons sent in newsletters, you may be able to find exclusive codes and other great deals that you have not seen before.

Here are three quick tips that can help you save money:

  1. Quickly find the best deals on online stores by ranking the products in the category of your choice by increasing price.
  2. Add items to your wish list and check back to see if their price has dropped.
  3. Use the Idealo site which allows you to compare the prices of a product across many sites and create an alert when your choice reaches a certain minimum price.

You see, it’s easy to find excellent cheap cosmetics. With all our advice, you no longer have an excuse to pay them at a high price. You can now have a good time and pamper yourself without guilt!