The reason not to remove your gel or acrylic nails at home

If you’ve put nails in gel or acrylic and they’ve advised you to go back to where they were made to remove them afterward, you’ll probably wonder why you should not take them off at home alone, today we tell you the reason …

They say “cheap is expensive,” and while it would be easier and cheaper to remove gel or acrylic nails at home, your natural nails could be seriously damaged.

Whether to apply a gel or to place acrylic nails, formulas are used that pass through the UV / LED cameras, not only for the dry ones, but they are fixed in the layer of the natural nail, it is That’s why they last longer and are harder to remove than nail polish.

If you let the anxiety win you and you remove the gel or acrylic alone, the only thing you will get is that your nails appear discolored and have a rough texture. By removing the gel or acrylic in a rudimentary or artisanal way, you will destroy the superficial layers of the nails

The above will make your nails no longer protected, weaken and break at the slightest provocation.

So now, you know that if you like gel or acrylic nails, do not skimp on going back to the professional who made them, so that it is him who removes them and that your nails do not undergo any type of pity.