What you should NOT do with your eyebrows

Of course, you have also seen these images of people who have broken their faces by a bad decision in the eyebrows. How they speak! That’s why I started to collect what we should NOT do with our eyebrows.

1. Hair removal completely

You do not mention this crime! In facial reading, this has a significant impact and you certainly do not want to be perceived this way. For me, more than the meaning, it is the whole force that loses face.

2. Change its original form

In most workshops, I suffer when I have to read the original face with my eyebrows because there are just a lot of women who have changed shape in a radical way. Everything speaks! The way too.

Make sure they respect their original shape as fashion comes and goes, but your authenticity and naturalness can remind you how great it is to have your original face.

3. tattoos

Unfortunately, it’s forever and it does not always look good. Most of the time, it is accompanied by a radical hair removal which, aesthetically, will not help much. I would recommend that you opt for other options such as micro-pigmentation that should definitely be done by an expert.

4. Do not listen to them

The eyebrows are the metaphor of our liver. Listen to the signals they give you. Every “hole” that is made, every rebel hair screams something. Talk more with them. You will not regret it!