Tasty & Easy Spaghetti with garlic, lemon and shrimp

We all have a bag of pasta in our closet. These are among the ingredients that you never forget to buy and for good reason, they are delicious, easy to cook and economical in addition. Young and old love these starches that can be cooked in any sauce and can even be suitable for vegetarians who can replace meat with vegetarian meatballs. The recipe we offer today is distinguished by its simplicity and its healthy side since it is spaghetti enhanced by two essential ingredients of nutrition: garlic and lemon.
But before you introduce this recipe, it is important to know that pasta, according to their variety, consists of cereals, eggs, milk powder or vegetables. Their glycemic index is low and their energy is slowly absorbed by the body, thus avoiding small cravings between meals. However, it is advisable to consume whole pasta that contains more fiber and promotes good intestinal transit.

The benefits of garlic and lemon


Garlic has been used for millennia to treat a variety of ailments and discomforts related to health; it’s the superfood par excellence. Raw or cooked, its season and flavor our dishes, bringing flavor and exquisite taste to our different dishes. However, it should be emphasized that raw garlic has more properties than cooked garlic since with the heat of cooking, this ingredient loses much of its sulfur compounds and antioxidants.

Its benefits are numerous and as an example, it is part of the food with a cardio-protective effect and thus protects against the risk of cardiovascular diseases, decreasing among others, serum cholesterol and thrombosis, a clot that can obstruct the blood vessels. Similarly, it is characterized by its antifungal and antimicrobial effect to treat certain infections, thanks to its compound, allicin. In addition, garlic extract can enhance the antimicrobial activity of antibiotics as suggested in this study.

The lemon

The benefits of lemon are diverse. From the kitchen to the bathroom, its uses are multiple and we can say that it has more than one trick in its bag. It is above all an excellent antioxidant thanks to the polyphenols and vitamin C it contains, to fight against free radicals responsible for premature aging or cardiovascular disorders. It also allows, according to a study, to significantly reduce serum cholesterol. In addition, it has antimicrobial activity, concentrated more in its skin and affects the growth rate of microbes. Not to mention its action against obesity, through its polyphenols, as mentioned in this study, which would prevent weight gain and thereby prevent obesity.

Now that the benefits of the ingredients are listed, let’s discover the spaghetti recipe with garlic and lemon.


· 500 g whole-wheat spaghetti

· 200 g shrimp

· ½ organic lemon

· The zest of a lemon

· A garlic clove mashed and baked 15 minutes

· 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

· Basil, parsley

– A teaspoon of Parmesan


There is nothing more simple ! simply cook the spaghetti al dente for about 8 minutes, after 4 minutes of cooking, stir in the shrimp, then drain. Put them in a hollow container and add the garlic, some parsley leaves and chopped basil, lemon juice and zest and olive oil. You can sprinkle with a teaspoon of parmesan cheese.

You can enjoy this recipe in all serenity and without guilt since it remains healthy, tasty and nutritious.


  • If you have burns or stomach ulcers, avoid consuming lemon
  • Garlic has an anticoagulant effect, it would be prudent to avoid it if taking anticoagulant drugs or before surgery, at the risk of increasing the risk of bleeding.