10 gestures to de-stress naturally in 5 minutes

My head is currently in a storm and I must admit that I am not used to dealing with such stress. I work from 7h to 20h in front of my computer with a micro-break at noon and the mere fact of writing this article adds stress to me because I prevent myself from working … And then at the same time, if I do not write no, I’m going to be stressed about not having an article to publish! In short, I need to de-stress quickly (and naturally) at the risk of ending up in constant anxiety and tension. So, I wondered how to de-stress quickly and naturally in 5 minutes top time … and I must share all these natural anti-stress tricks!

How to de-stress quickly and naturally?

Most of the time the stress is felt a few days, even just a few hours, before an event that scares us and whose outcome seems uncertain. Of course, there is also chronic stress or sudden stress, as in an accident for example, but it is not one of those we will talk about here. I will rather share advice to fight against the anticipated stress but which puts me in a state of anxiety and a sensation of non-control despite everything.

These tips against stress are there to allow you to de-stress quickly, in 5 minutes and especially naturally. The first step is going to take a tour in organic pharmacy to buy some natural anti-stress solutions, just to have everything underhand when the time comes. Then just choose the anti-stress advice that suits you depending on the situation.

De-stress quickly with essential oils

Essential oils have incredible powers and certain are in particular real remedies for stress. This is particularly the case of the essential oil of marjoram: mixing 2 drops of HE with a little oil and massage his plexus with 2 to 3 times a day is a good crazy! You can also create a relaxing spray with real lavender essential oil for example. Be careful though to learn and test the essential oils before use, if they are so powerful it is also that they can be dangerous!

Get rid of stress by dancing

I’m not the one who ignites the dancefloor and yet it is proven that dancing allows you to let off steam, release the pressure and evacuate the stress in 5 minutes or less, just the time of a song. Just find a quiet place, no one, put his favorite music and get carried away by the melody, do not think of anything, just listening to his heart.

De-stressing in 5 minutes with yoga

You know my love for yoga and in times of stress, I feel that it is even more good and allows us to take a step back. Focusing on your movements and breathing while relaxing your muscles one by one is pure happiness! And casually yoga can be practiced anywhere and anytime. So the simple fact of taking refuge for a few minutes in a quiet corner to string together 2 or 3 postures hidden from view is already good. I also came across a great book on postures of anti-stress yoga, filled with techniques and tips to relax, if it can help you!

Relax naturally with Bach Flowers

One of my allies forever to de-stress naturally is Bach Rescue Flowers. Since I was very little I use it in case of stress episode, before, during and after the event and I always have one at hand. I had already done a whole article to manage his emotions with the Bach Flowers and if you do not know these little wonders that help balance his emotions I advise you to read it!

Relax tensions with a massage

When you’re stressed, all the tensions tend to gather at the shoulders and the neck, which increases, even more, the feeling of malaise and having to carry an immense weight … on his shoulders! So nothing better than a quick self-massage of the upper back to release the pressure and calm down! So close your eyes and let yourself go …

Relax with a reading break

Reading a few pages from a book or magazine is also a great way to de-stress and relax thinking about something else. Of course, it is forbidden to read a book that is too complicated and to revise one’s notes just before passing an exam or an interview, for example. It’s about relaxing with an adventure novel or even a “feminine” magazine that does not require much thought, just to think about something else.

Relax quickly with a short meditation

I know that we often think that to meditate you have to sit in a quiet place, quietly, close your eyes and put your hands on your knees like Buddha. Except that think again! It is quite possible to meditate while walking or on an office chair. Just taking down one’s shoulders and focusing on one’s breath is already a form of meditation. So in case of stress, close your eyes, relax your shoulders, take a deep breath (or more) and take the time to de-stress and relax. You will see that in 5 minutes you will already be soothed and de-stressed.

Forgetting your anxieties with positive affirmations

Often when we stress is that all our mind is focused on one thing and that we imagine that the worst will happen. So a tip to de-stress in 5 minutes is to repeat one or two positive affirmations several times in your head. If you run out of ideas, I often share pretty soothing phrases on Instagram so do not hesitate to save them to think again when the time comes! This allows you to get your head out of the water and put your mind in positive mode instead of imagining the negative.

Crying or screaming a good blow to evacuate everything

We’re not going to lie to each other, crying or shouting, sometimes it’s all we need to let stress out and get back on track. I know it’s not always possible, and even if you’re alone, it’s not easy to indulge in that. Yet we all experienced this feeling of relief after letting out all our unease by crying or tears. So let’s stop being scared of why and let’s go!

De-stressing with conscious breathing

To finish the best advice for quickly de-stressing when one is in an agonizing situation is to come back to his breathing. Take a few minutes to breathe slowly and consciously. Just inhale for 4 seconds, block the breath 1 or 2 seconds then exhale for 4 seconds. This will slow down the heart rate and allow you to relax in a few moments! You can also use a well-being cardiac coherence app, but it’s always trickier to go out for exams or meetings!

Bonus: distress in the long run!

All these tips to de-stress in 5 minutes are great in the short term but sometimes the stress lasts and in these cases, it must be remedied otherwise … This can be with the help of a specialist or thanks to dietary supplements (natural of course). For my pat I will start a cure Ciaooo Zen dedicated to the relaxation and the state of mind positive (and whose compo is frankly top!). I really need it and if you too, I got you -10% with the PECHE code on their anti-stress supplement, enough to relax without leaving your wallet

I hope that these tips to de-stress yourself quickly and naturally will help you in the future and if you want to go further to get rid of stress, I advise you the stress book, filled with techniques to calm down quickly, as well as the Yogisalife stress ebook that is a nugget to understand what stress is and how to relax.