5 natural tips to avoid stomach ache

I finished my meals for a long time with a terrible stomach ache that I could not get through. As soon as I left the table, I had only one desire: go to bed and take a nap while the stomach pains go away. So, I started looking for advice to avoid stomach upset. And at the same time, I told myself that these bloating were normal, that I had to eat too much or eat too much sweetness and that next time I will pay more attention.

However, even when my meals were balanced, gluten-free (rice-based, for example) and without an ultra-sweet dessert, such as a yogurt or a compote, I had trouble digesting and I felt these stomachaches. These bloating could not be due to a peak of blood sugar (when you eat too much sugar) or intolerance to gluten, which can also cause this kind of bloating.

So I went looking for explanations and simple tips to avoid stomach pains without medication. After weeks of testing and analysis, I found 5 tips to avoid bloating through food and I hope they will serve you-or you will also save!

Avoid drinking around meals

Whether before or after a meal, it is not recommended to drink water because it will create a real pool in the stomach. Foods can not be digested properly and will heckle in you, which will create these gals bloating and stomachaches.

What to do to avoid stomach ache? Do not drink within 30 minutes before a meal or in the next hour, except for some beneficial herbal teas such as verbena, anise or chamomile which helps to digest and relieve pain. In Ayurveda, however, it is advisable to drink a little before eating to prepare the stomach, but that’s it!

Eat fruits yes, but not anytime …

Fruits are often used wrongly as a “sweet touch” to finish a meal. I am the first to have this desire for sugar after my dish and yet it is not a good idea … The problem is that the raw fruits are digested very quickly and require an enzyme (the substance that re-eats our food ) very particular who does not mix well with the others, which generates this famous stomach ache.

What to do to avoid stomach ache? The ideal is to eat fruits outside the meals, as in the middle of the morning when one has a small hollow or to taste of 16h for a return in comforting childhood. You can also consume them at the beginning of the meal, while you prepare food or that your dish heats up.

Do not mix too many different ingredients

I’m obsessed with mixed salads and other buddha bowls / super bowls / Asyouwant where you mix a lot of ingredients. Little trouble: our stomach does not digest all foods in the same way or at the same speed and this mix can quickly create bloating. So yes, it’s much less beautiful on Instagram but if it’s to avoid a stomach ache, it’s worth it no?

What to do to avoid stomach ache?   Here are some rules to avoid stomach ache:

  • You can eat vegetables at any time and with any
  • Legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas …) go well with cereals such as rice, bulgur, pasta and/or weak starches like potatoes.
  • We just saw but the fruits are banished at the end of the meal, cons you can eat a stewed dessert without worries!

Chewing, the key to good digestion

Chew, chew and still chew. I think this is my biggest weakness: I do not chew, I always want to go too fast, especially when I’m late and/or my dish is a treat. The problem is that by doing this, the stomach is left with food too big for him to manage and he does not really know what to do … Because yes, the body is well done and chewing not only allows to reduce the food in small pieces but also prepares the digestion thanks to the saliva.

What to do to avoid stomach ache? Stop eating in front of the TV (advice to me by the way) and learn to take your time, to taste all the textures and the flavors that one has in front of you.

Test some foods

I mentioned it in the introduction but some categories of food are more or less digested according to people. This is the case of gluten, which you have probably already re-eared and found in wheat and therefore in pasta, bulgur, couscous … This is also the case of milk and all its derivatives like yogurts, cheeses, etc. Your stomach ache can come from the consumption of food that your body does not know how to transform or digest badly.

What to do to avoid stomach ache? If you have doubts about certain ingredients, I advise you to remove them from your food for about 10 days and note the effects. It can be instantaneous as a little longer but it is a very good technique to get to know you!