To move forward in life, in your projects and to be well in your head, you need a positive thought. Some time ago, I wrote you an article with quotes to stay positive . Today, I am giving you sentences to banish in order to be able to accomplish whatever you wish to achieve! I also offer you an article from Angelique from the Glam & Conscious blog which gives you 5 words to banish for a positive thought


Why can’t you? As the famous quote says,  “It is the verb to want that makes the verb power. When we want, we can ” .

What reasons do you think you can’t? Do you have good reason to think that? Not . If what you want to do is doable, you can do it! It’s up to you to give yourself the means to succeed . If you say “I can’t run a marathon”, if you can! You will train and you will succeed! “I can’t pass my year”, if you can! You will revise, work, do everything to succeed and it will work!

As long as you give yourself the means to succeed, you can. It is not by saying “I cannot” that you will move forward, because it is derogatory and it does not motivate.


Why would you suck? Because you encountered an obstacle and you failed? And then it does not matter. It’s part of life to meet failures, that’s how you learn and move on. As Winston Churchill put it very well,  “success is walking from chess to chess, while staying motivated” 

Admittedly, at first, after a failure, we have a decline in morale, but we have to take control, and say that no, I’m not bad, I will start again and be even stronger.

If I take the example of my repetition ( my article on repetition ), when I learned the news, at the beginning, I said to myself, I am zero. But after I regained control, I told myself I am given a second chance, I will see where I failed and I would do even better. It is with determination that we succeed in turning failure into success.


It is sure that starting defeatist like this, you will never get there. Imagine that your goal is to make a great birthday cake with frosting, sugar paste, etc. How can you say, I couldn’t do it, I can’t do it if you haven’t tried? First, until you have tried, you cannot say that you have not been able to . Second, if you fail the first time, too bad, you start again. You may still be able to do and SUCCEED something. The most important thing is to persevere and believe in yourself . Certainly, if you leave saying to yourself “I am not capable”, you will not succeed. Because you will not give everything necessary to succeed. So that with motivation, you can succeed whatever you want to undertake.


This sentence, joins a little “I am not able”. For starters, you can’t say “I don’t know how to do this” if you’ve never tried it. Then as I just told you, with a little motivation and perseverance, you will get there , you just have to give yourself the means . Maybe it will take you longer, you may have to learn, practice, etc., but you will eventually get there, I’m sure!

I will miss

If you say to yourself from the start, you will miss, I confirm it, congratulations, you will miss, that’s for sure. Leaving with a negative thought, you will not achieve much . And even if by any chance you miss something it doesn’t matter. Failure is not a bad thing in life. There is a quote that sums it up well, ” I never lose. Either I win or I learn.  ” It is failing as we advance and that we become stronger.

So if you are afraid of failing and of the unknown, you will not take risks and new paths to achieve your dreams and you will surely miss something. But when you want to do something, leave with a positive thought and you will advance in life !