6 breakfast mistakes that make you gain weight

Etymologically, the English word “breakfast” means the meal we take to break the fast at night. It is therefore essential that the energy intake of nutrients in the morning is sufficient for the proper functioning of your body, to start the day with the full of energy.
As the sprinters would say, a race is won at the first stride, on the starting line. Thus, if we want to ensure a good healthy diet, we should be interested in breakfast. An integral part of the balanced diet, breakfast should cover 25% of daily energy needs according to Laurence Plumey, nutritionist and author of the Food Guide. But in practice, it is not very simple. Here are the 7 mistakes to avoid for this meal!

Mistake 1: Do not eat

According to a CREDOC survey (research center for the study and observation of living conditions), breakfast is increasingly neglected, especially among young people. Yet, the calories of your breakfast are the source of your morning energy. If you think you can save some calories by skipping breakfast, think again as this may cause the opposite effect.


Lack of time is one of the main reasons for sacrificing breakfast or taking a “light” version. Find the balance that’s right for you, and try to get into the habit of eating in the morning, or have a snack if you run out of time. You can only start your day well.

Mistake 2: Do not hydrate

For the good functioning of the body and mainly of the brain, it is necessary to drink about 2 liters of water a day because it makes it possible to be hydrated. However, it is essential to drink all day long and in small sips. According to Dr. Stéphanie Long, a general practitioner at the San Francisco Hospital, the presence of sodium in the water can cause imbalances and disrupt the kidneys when drinking a glass of water all at once.


Promote hydration when you wake up to avoid an excessive thirst that will push you to drink your glass of water at once.

Mistake 3: Eating too much sugar

The sweet breakfast seems perfect to start the day, but it is actually full of mischief for your body, including morning cravings. Although this is appetizing, do not forget that this breakfast is not balanced at all. In addition, a study has shown that sugar consumption increases appetite.


Choose cereals such as oats, rye, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, barley or Kamut.

Mistake 4: Focus on refined flours

White bread is certainly appetizing, but it has a high glycemic index. Like industrial cereals, white flours should be avoided as best as you can. We must avoid white baguette, brioches, pastries, and rusks.


You do not need to stop the bread, only to choose better, in this case, based on whole grains. You may also be interested in other healthy alternatives like oats.

Mistake 5: Buy Industrial Juice

Of course, industrial fruit juices are easier to prepare than freshly squeezed fruit juice, but the amount of sugar they contain is much higher. Moreover, it would be even superior to that of sodas, as Madame Figaro explains.


Choose fresh pressed or centrifuged juices that contain many more vitamins. According to Dr. Philippe Pouillart, teacher-researcher in culinary practice and health, the ideal would be to consume them within one hour after pressing them at the risk of consuming only sugar!

Mistake 6: Forgetting Nutrients

One misconception is very common about fats. They are thought to make you fat, but foods containing natural fats should always be part of your diet. WHO recommends that unsaturated fats, especially those found in olive oil or fish, be given priority. These would be essential for the proper functioning of the body and as Adeline Cuirot, dietician and nutritionist, explains, “they can not be produced by the body, unlike other types of lipids”.


Always look for quality fats in nuts, seeds, or avocados. These foods will keep you full longer and are just delicious.