6 Tips for a successful workout

Long-time I had not talked about Sport on the blog! And today I wanted to share with you my advice for a successful Workout. So we forget the boat tips … warm-up, drink water, good equipment … but rather advice that I deem essential is often neglected during a Workout.

A predefined session in advance

It is essential to structure your training, especially in bodybuilding because the course of a session to its importance to work better and get results. You have to adapt your training according to your objectives, your level and in particular the morphology. An exercise will be more or less effective depending on the specificities of each. We, therefore, opt for a personalized training program, the Internet is full of information and do not hesitate to try full of exercises and do according to your feelings. If you can surround yourself with a sports coach!

Get out of your comfort zone

Another very important thing, for a session to be effective, you have to give it your all! It is leaving the comfort zone, seeking its limits that the session becomes interesting. To see change, you have to go beyond your usual comfort, not to stay on top of what you do, otherwise, you will not see any progress.

We are not here to make the room beautiful but to sweat!


The concentration is often neglected but it is a factor that will play on your session. We forget his phone, stop scroller on Instagram, watch Snapchat and send text messages! We focus on his session. We focus fully on the present moment. It is necessary to concentrate on the exercise that one executes in order to feel the targeted muscle, to respect the tempo and the technique of execution. THE BASE what 

Master your breathing

Just like concentration, many forget the importance of breathing properly Bodybuilding implies that breathing is traced according to the movements performed because the muscles need oxygen; necessary for good muscle contraction. Most often, one expires during the muscular contraction and one inspires during muscular relaxation. Your session will only be more effective!

Do better every day

Of course, there will always be sessions worse than others. However, care must be taken to improve each day. Look for progress during the sessions. Increase one’s workload regularly, work on one’s weaknesses, master the execution techniques and test new exercises.

Being regular

This is the key to success! Maintain a manageable workout pace, adapt to your schedule. Build your session according to the time you have. Set up a routine in some way. That it becomes a habit. It is with regularity that you will obtain results.