Dr. Moreno’s diet allows you to lose 3 pounds in 17 days (full program)

Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, a copious diet, and little variety can permanently impact our silhouette. To regain one’s fitness weight, it is essential to introduce new eating habits and to favor high-nutritious meals. This 17-day diet focuses on three phases to burn fat thoroughly. Developed by the doctor Michael Moreno, he was a great success in the United States as relayed by our colleagues’ abcnews. This food program specifically targets the melting of abdominal fat and the regulation of intestinal flora. We tell you more about our slimming point.

A period of carelessness can perniciously pack down our figure. To overcome unnecessary pounds, it is crucial to rethink your diet in depth. “The 17-Day Diet”, a book by physician Michael Moreno, has been an international success.

Set around several 17-day stages, this nutritional program gives pride of place to the nutritional variety, taking the opposite of the drastic regimes with the yo-yo effect. Zoom on this popular diet.

Habits gradually introduced

When Michael Moreno wanted to create a diet, he started from the premise that each person is a slave to his habits and that it is difficult to change the way of life in a short time. It is for this reason that the author of the book “Le régime 17 jours” decided to split his food program into three stages, of seventeen days each. But this number is not a product of chance. The doctor is convinced that everyone can get used to food restrictions in 17 days. Then the body will get used to deprivation and start storing food. At that time, it will gradually change its diet.

A diet: three cycles

Step 1 :

This attack phase will focus on a daily calorie intake of 1200 calories. For this, the doctor recommends a varied diet with some restrictions. Michael Moreno advocates the consumption of lean meats, plant milk, and fruits. During this attack phase, bananas and potatoes will be banned.

step 2:

This second step will serve to consolidate the results of the initial, restrictive and low-calorie phase. The daily energy intake is then raised to 1500 calories. You will only get one source of fat (olive oil or vegetable butter) per day. Tuna salad, vegetable Macedonia, smoked salmon, so many lighter meals that you can incorporate into your diet for the next seventeen days. Foods such as potatoes and bananas will be allowed during this consolidation phase.

Step 3:

The third stage is a second transition to a less restrictive but balanced diet. More fat-rich foods will be introduced gradually into the food program. Only sources of protein will have to be limited. Greek yogurt, porridge, dark chocolate, as many foods that you can eat as snacks.
Seventeen-day plan: what are the benefits?
The articulation of this three-step food program counterbalances the yo-yo effect for sustained weight loss. The long duration of this diet makes it possible to sustainably establish a new lifestyle by integrating healthy foods with high nutritional value. In fifty days, the duration of these three stages, new eating habits are acquired for an effective return to his fitness weight.