Drink water for 30 days and rejuvenate by 10 years (do it for great results)

Throughout our lives we have heard the theory that it is ideal to drink 2 liters of water a day, others say that everyone needs different amounts of fluid and a recent study has shown us that drinking 3 liters allowed us to look younger. What? 3 LITERS? Yes, you read that right!

According to a Mayo Clinic study, one in five women consume less water than the recommended daily intake, resulting in fatigue, irritability, and premature aging.

Drinking water helps slow the aging process by keeping the skin well hydrated.

So you can look 10 years younger

Sarah Smith, 42 years old and two girls, had at the beginning of the trial to drink more water a day, felt 50 years old, tired and constantly suffering from headaches; After 4 weeks of consuming 3 liters of water a day, the changes have been spectacular.

How to consume 3 liters of water a day?

Experts recommend that you always drink 2 glasses of natural water before each meal because it speeds up digestion and the feeling of fullness.

Avoid fruit juices because their sugar will make you gain weight.

Tea is allowed in moderate amounts, just like coffee. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, caffeine does not cause dehydration.

The results:

1. Slow aging

Water slows the process of cellular aging and keeps the skin hydrated longer. The skin becomes smooth, shiny and without wrinkles.

It is helpful to have a firm muscle tone, which translates into a 10-year reduction less if you are consistent. Hydrated skin reduces wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

The headaches disappear and your digestion accelerates, leaving a flatter belly.

2. Your performance is improving

Your brain responds better when you are hydrated and concentrate more easily. At a minimum, you can consume 8 to 10 glasses a day to see your body improve by as much as 30%.

3. You are less sick

Your immune system strengthens and your kidneys and liver detoxify, your blood is cleaned mainly of sodium and neutralizes your PH level.

4. Heart and bone strengths

Water keeps the heart-healthy, so it lowers the risk of heart attack, prevents blood thickening and lowers blood pressure.

Your bones are stronger and your cartilage is better, that is to say, you can move more easily, for example: when you exercise, forget the “crunch” of the knees.

Sarah’s result

Sarah said she felt much better after drinking 3 liters of water a day; the cellulite on her body disappeared, as well as the black shadows around her eyes. He also eliminated skin spots and lost a few pounds in the process. The wrinkles around the eyes and lips have been refined to give a smoother look to her skin.

If you also like to change your appearance, you can start with a rehab for 30 days. It is not necessary to consume 3 or 2 liters per day, but at least you will usually stay hydrated and you will feel much better.

Remember that it is always best to consult your doctor to find out what your real needs are. Take care of your health!