Growth issues

The growth

The concept of growth usually includes weight and body length, as well as the development and growth of internal organs, and it should be noted that the brain has maximum growth during the first five years of life, reaching about 90 % of final size reached puberty.

Note that different parts of the body develop at different speeds, for example, the size of the head reaches its final size in the first year of life, while the complete growth of the body is achieved by reaching the person aged 16 to 18 years, where the ends of the bones merge with each other.

Growth issues

Growth problems can be defined as an imbalance in the speed of development of the child, whether it is faster or slower than normal growth, for several reasons, which are divided into groups as follows:

  • Small family size: The small family resulting from the inheritance of the genes of the miners.
  • Delayed Structural Development with Delayed Adolescence or Maturity: This type of developmental disorder is at the root of the child’s small size and reaches later than average.

Different diseases of bones that affect size and growth:

most of these diseases are genetically linked, for example, chondrodysplasia disease or lack of ossification of charades (English: Achondroplasia).

A type of stunting that causes the length of the arms and legs as well as the size of the head, even if the size of the chest is normal.

Treatment of growth problems

Growth problems are treated according to the cause of the problem, but it should be noted that there is no cure for growth problems caused by the small size.


It is administered to treat men with structural growth retardation, to temporarily increase growth and development until the body of man begins to produce puberty hormones.

Growth Hormones:

It is given to children who have insufficient production of this hormone as a daily injection for several years until the growth is complete and the treatment takes several weeks or more.

months to observe the effects of the hormone on growth.

knowing that most of the effects occur in the first year of treatment, the hormone helps to increase the growth of 7.6 to 10.2 cm per year.