Habits We All Have Before Going to Bed That Affect Our Health

If you suffer from insomnia, this raking of 10 bad habits harmful to your health is to know to make your nights and your days much better, that your troubles of sleep are occasional or regular. 

Avoid these 10 mistakes that can compromise your sleep!

Drink liquids 

Even though drinking water, especially lukewarm before sleep brings health benefits, consuming fluids 1 to 2 hours before bedtime makes you wake up regularly during the night, ie at least 2 or 3 times for relieving your bladder. By interrupting your sleep, it will not be restorative and you may feel tired.

Do not sleep at a predetermined time 

It is important to promote the development of the biological clock of the brain, by becoming familiar with the rituals of sleep. Learn to go to bed at the same time every day so you do not interrupt your sleep cycle.

Do not put all electronic devices out of the way 

No electronic device should be near you at night or before sleeping. Exposure to screens has long been debated by specialists; it would promote sleep disorders because of the lights. Also, by putting aside tablets, TV, and smartphones, you will preserve the quality of your sleep and its cycle. 

Put a light alarm clock 

The lights can also be projected by the alarm devices for the alarm clock. If your brain is exposed to it, it may keep him awake. Opt for a traditional type of alarm clock that will make you sleep peacefully. 

Choosing a poor quality mattress

Many bedding stores today call on specialists to develop new models that meet the expectations of their customers. There is a real awareness of the need for a good quality mattress to improve sleep and relax. Choose the right one!

Eat before going to bed 

The nights must be a rest for you and your body’s organs. If you stimulate the functioning of the digestive system before going to bed while eating, it will have to treat the food consumed during the night. Also, avoid sleeping with the feeling of heaviness that can cause sleep disorders.

Do exercises, work or study before bed 

Doing exercises gives you a feeling of freshness and breaks with your desire to sleep. According to one study, this can affect the heart rate during the first hours of sleep. Reading or studying will also stimulate your cognitive functions and you are likely to ruminate or bother you before sleeping.

If you are used to doing one or the other, it is necessary to stop these activities 3 hours before going to bed. For those who have the habit of reading before sleeping, choose a book that is boring, it will make you want to sleep.

Keep your feet and body cold

An environment and cold feet can interfere with your sleep cycle, so keep them warm, thereby promoting the dilation of blood vessels preparing your nervous system to sleep. Go for socks without rubber bands to avoid impeding blood circulation.

Consume energy drinks before bedtime 

Coffee and other energy drinks that contain caffeine keep you awake and alert. 

It is then necessary to avoid them as much as possible or to stop using them 4 hours before the scheduled bedtime. Opt for foods rich in potassium and magnesium to help loosen muscles.