How not to give up at the most difficult time?

Think about the last time you went looking for a job. Chances are you are looking for a new job because yours did not satisfy you fully. You have chosen to fill in these applications, even if you knew that you would face a few refusals. With all the “Thank you for your application but we preferred a profile with more adequate skills” . It is increasingly difficult to submit nominations without self-denigration. You might even consider giving up and staying miserable in your current job because “at least it’s a job” rather than continuing to look for something better and more worthy of your time.

Whenever we face a difficult challenge or a difficult choice on the road to what we want, it’s easier to give up than to continue. It happens because we feel that we can not do anything to improve things. But once you pass this difficulty, we look back and realize that it was not as horrible as we thought. In fact, we stress ourselves more than necessary.

It’s just a moment of frustration, do not give up

When we feel that we are losing motivation, it is difficult to go back and recover.

To stay on the job search model, it is sad to say that many of us will allow our emotions to negate our optimism. We are not born to go to work, pay bills and die. If you spend the majority of your time at work rather than at home, why would you choose a career that makes you miserable? Yes, there are risks and difficulties every time you try to reach a goal. Every stressor is worth it in the end. But it’s very hard to remember when we’re going through this period.

When we make easy to a difficult challenge (such as for example incessant refusals of positions), we can develop blinders and lose life optimism. The only thing we see is failure and sadness to not succeed. We are completely losing the notion that one day it will be just a bad memory.

So, how are we supposed to remove his blinders and continue, even if we do not feel motivated at all?

How not to give up

We have them all, these moments of doubt, fear and lack of self-confidence. No matter what you want to accomplish in life, no matter how much we want it, there’s always a time when you’re going to struggle. Your motivation will go straight into the wall and you will want to give up.

You’ve heard it: “giving up is not an option”. But when it comes to how not to give up, it can be more complicated. Despite the growing feelings of wanting to give up, this is actually the most important time to not give up.

What makes you want to give up easily?

Identify the reasons why abandonment seems to be the best option is really important. There are many reasons people want to give up and each of them is motivated by different motivations. However, there are some human instincts that come into play here.

  • Do not see the reason for the failure – Do not be able to see the dam and want to continue anyway
  • The result is more important than the trip – Put more focus on the end result and forget the importance of how to get to the end of the goal and grow along the way
  • See failure before it even happens – sabotage yourself by creating the thought that it’s not going to happen. This is usually due to limiting beliefs and lack of self-confidence
  • Lack of discipline – Realizing that reaching your dream is not going to fall into your mouth in a few weeks but will instead require a lot of hard work and determination
  • Do not adjust to changes – Do not accept changes of direction, the need to adjust ideas or not accept that things are changing differently than we had imagined. And take it all for a sign that it will not work. It just shows that you are not open to change and the evolution of something that could be even better.

People often say that the moment they almost decided to give up was the right moment to succeed. If the demotivation, the failure and the abandon seem horrible, it is because there is a reason: you give up something which deep down you seems possible to you.

Why you should think twice before giving up

The power lies in your state of mind. And changing it is the key to keeping the motivation you need when things get more complicated. That’s why it’s important to realize why we must not give in and give up.

Instant success is a myth

We are in a generation of instant gratification. This creates the illusion that everyone needs what they want. People look at those who succeed and assume they have succeeded overnight. But in reality, it took a lot of work and a lot of failure to get there. Most never see the trip but only the destination. And they fall in love with the idea that they do not need to work hard to get it.

It must be understood that it is a myth. Do not be discouraged by this because in fact the journey is where the magic unfolds and makes the final goal even more enjoyable.

A different approach may be needed

People find themselves so difficult and assume they just can not do it if they feel like they’re failing. And that can be solved easily by trying a different approach.

People are often focused on the end goal and believe there are only one or two ways to do it. In fact, there may be hundreds of paths to which their minds are not open.

Open up and change your perspective. Are there other ways to do that might be better for you?

You are always wondering “what if?”

This feeling of regret can strike you in the face. What if I stick to that? I should have already arrived there now. And if I had not given up, where would I be today?

Regret should not be the thing on which you waste too much time. Before you leave your dream, imagine how your life would be and where you could be in a year, two years or five years.

Do not let the opportunity to let your future self become someone full of regret for not having made the right decision in this moment.

You could stop just before you succeed

Many times, when people give up, they are often a few inches from success.

The hardest moments are precursors to a major breakthrough to success. Think of it as a test to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

Decide: “Yes, I always want more than ever” . It’s just the trust you put in the fact that it’s going to work.

It will happen again and again

Do you feel that you give up things often? By default, your habitual mindset and thought pattern is repeated over and over again throughout your life if you do not identify and change them. Do not think: “I could try next year” because you will still repeat the same pattern of thoughts.

It’s important to sit down and think about why you tend to give up. It may sound uncomfortable and you can feel resistance by doing this process. But once you have gone beyond your limiting beliefs, they can easily be dropped and you help remove those mental obstacles that you did not know were blocking you.

The fight does not mean failure

We have been led to believe that the struggle is a shame. It’s a negative representation of ourselves and our ability to get out of it. And if I make you this article, it is to tell you that it is not the case. You must never think that hard times are a failure. In fact, remove the word failure from your vocabulary. Stop worrying about what others think and just think that you are able to overcome these difficulties and pass others.

Wrestling helps you to build a character. She is here to serve you, to help you learn something you could use later. Stop thinking that the fight is negative but see it as a blessing on your road to success.

How not to give up and stay motivated

The thing people tend to forget when they want to give up is that failure does not fix anything. Perhaps for a moment you will feel relieved because you no longer have to face the challenge. But the satisfaction will be fleeting.

Whether you’re trying to quit smoking, drinking or any other bad habit, or trying to reach a goal, the misery you feel will be back. And this one way or another if you decide to give up at the most complicated time.

The real challenge that you experience at this time is your own weakness that manifests itself in physical form. When you accept that you are worth it and that you are good enough, you will keep that state of mind.

No matter what challenge you face (whether it’s a job or a game), you’ll have to fight for optimism, dedication and willpower because you have not put your finger on the real problem: yourself.

Imagine that your challenge is a big stone in the middle of the road. If you choose to give up, you will get around this stone. However, the quickest way is to break this big stone and continue straight.

It’s the same with your weakness. You could continue to adjust your life to your fears. For example, never look for a job again because you have agreed to fail permanently. Or you could continue to send in applications and call, follow and interview.

No matter how big your challenge is, breaking it is mandatory.

To stay truly motivated, no matter how important the challenge is, you must learn to break that challenge. To really overcome your weakness, break this huge stone into smaller pieces and manage the small chips piece by piece.

At the moment, it may seem impossible. It may seem like the hardest thing to do. But remember how many times your threshold changes. Below are some tips that will help you keep your chin up and really deal with the difficulties in your life.

# 1 – Determine what is missing

No matter what the challenges you face are, there is a reason that it challenges you. If it’s a job, why can not you get hired? Consult the job offers and the required skills. And find the common denominator that does not have your resume. You did not put it there because you do not have it? If so, try to do something to gain that experience. Whether online or on a volunteer project, do something that will make you the perfect candidate.

# 2 – Be patient with yourself

Nobody becomes CEO in one night. If you have big dreams, you will have to do a lot of work to accomplish them. It’s ok to take some time to find the best way to proceed. But it’s not ok to get away from it because it’s complicated.

# 3 – Be proud of yourself for every little success

Have you ever realized how much a small mistake can you pursue for days? Whether you categorize yourself or not as a dramatic person does not change anything with respect to guilt. But when we make small progress in achieving our goals, we never seem to show much respect.

When we do not welcome small wins, it diminishes our motivation and makes it much more difficult to achieve big goals.

# 4 – Remember that you are not the first to feel this

When we face difficult choices or events in our lives, we often forget that we are not the first / only / last to experience all that. Everyone faces difficult decisions. Whether it’s the decision to end a relationship, change careers, move out, leave friends behind, etc. We all go there.

So do not be afraid to ask your family or friends for their friends. In some cases, they may even give you tips that you would not have thought of.

# 5 – Know that you will evolve just passing this test

We build ourselves a character in difficult times. This old phrase cliche: “What does not kill you makes you stronger” is true. When you spend a challenging moment, you will learn from it, whatever the purpose. Recognize the opportunity to learn or grow personally.

# 6 – Remember that you have a choice

No matter how difficult the challenge is, one of the best things you can focus on is that you have several choices. Only you can decide how you take things or what steps to take. More so, only you can decided what will be the next step.

You have the power to do what you want and get out of it. Allow yourself to stay motivated by choosing to stay motivated.

Choose to see obstacles as lessons. Ask yourself: what does this show me? What does it bring me? In most cases, they are there to point you in a direction you had not considered before. Trust this and keep going.

Final thoughts

Good things never come easily. When complicated moments stop you, you must continue and push further.

Learn and understand what really drives you. Adjust your mindset, learn to handle challenges and come out as a strong and successful person.