How to find a smile despite a rotten day

After the launch of the program to gain self-confidence, I was in a strange state, between euphoria and big slouch. I lived a few days when I passed from a state of joy to a state of perdition in a few seconds. It was very disturbing …

I could not smile again, even though I had everything to be happy! This is often what makes us even worse: we feel guilty because we know that deep down it is nothing, while on the moment it’s a real blow that prevents us from seeing life on the right side!

So here are my little tips to know how to find the smile despite the complications of everyday life …

Change of air to find the smile

The first thing to do when you have the impression that the spell is hounding on you is to leave aside what is wrong for a few moments and to change your mind. Go for a walk in the street, sit on a bench in a park and take 10 deep breaths. Concentrate on the present moment: children playing, nature or passers-by around you. This will allow you gradually to detach yourself from what happens to you and take a step back.

ake time for yourself

I say it often, but it is essential to take time for oneself, especially when one goes wrong! Instead of forcing you to work or feel guilty not want anything, take you at least 10 minutes to do yoga and to regain confidence in I, read a book, get a nice hot bath. Whatever, the main thing is to cajole.

It is very important not to feel guilty in these moments because it adds a layer of ill-being to this state which is already not very funny … Tell you simply that you need it, that you deserve it and that without you’ll never be able to find your smile again!

Relativising to gain height

To recover the smile is also due to not taking everything too seriously or igniting and see that there is often much more serious. Easy to say I know and yet it really works! Take the example of a phone glass that breaks: a broken window is not great, but we can still very well use it on a daily basis, even if certain functions are altered. Same if you arrive late for your live sports class at home, you can still do the session anyway or watch the replay!

To surround oneself well is to find the smile

Nothing better to forget his worries and have a smile than to see or call his relatives! Organize a last-minute meal with your friends, have a coffee with a colleague or call your family. If you feel the need, you can also talk to them about your worries because expressing yourself always makes a lot of good and allows you to relativize. If you do not want to “fill the mood” (although I’m sure your family would be happy to help you), you can just enjoy this wonderful moment.

Help and go to others, just for fun

In the same vein, you can also take a moment to help or smile at a stranger crossed in the street. This can be difficult for some but I assure you that you will soon find a smile too! Besides, we feel much more happy to give than to receive. So instead of being focused on your problems open your eyes and see how you could improve the lives of others. Hold the door to this old lady or smile at this man who seems so sad will not cost you anything and yet you will give back to both, a big smile.

List all that is well to see the positive

Instead of rehashing everything that goes wrong, or even sometimes creating yourself problems that do not exist, look at all the happiness you have in your life! Nothing could be simpler anyway: take a pen, a paper and list at least 10 things for which you are happy. You can go from your children to your collection of novels through the sun that illuminates you or the smile of your spouse. It’s called gratitude, it’s a wonderful and powerful feeling for wanting to smile.

Laugh and smile, simply!

It may sound silly in these moments, but do you know that when you smile, the brain understands instantly that you are happy? Whether it’s a natural or “fictional” smile, our brain does not make a difference and instantly sends happiness signals to your entire body. So you can almost decide to be more positive in order! And if it does not mean anything to have a smile agar for no reason, just watch a sketch of your favorite comedian or call this friend who always makes jokes rotten!

Find solutions

Yes, worries are one thing but behind the majority (not to say everyone) of them are still hiding a solution! Yes, yes, I assure you! You just have to change your point of view, roll up your sleeves and cogitate. In my case, for example, I can very well change my phone screen and I already made an appointment with the plumber. I know that depending on the situation it can be more or less complicated but one thing is certain: if you do not look, you will not find!

So here are my tips to overcome these days of misfortune where problems accumulate and find your smile. I hope this will help you next time and you will not find you at night in the back of your bed to mope on a rotten day.