How to find one’s life mission?

This is a very big question that many people are asking and I think, more and more.
What am I useful for? What am I doing on earth? What really animates me? How can I contribute to humanity?
I have no choice but to talk about this subject in a rather general way and according to my experience since everyone has his own mission of life.

The mission of life, what is it exactly?

The mission of life is what we are on this earth, or rather, the way we can make our contribution. We are all incarnated on earth to live the human experience, the experience of duality, emotions and so much more. We embody ourselves in order to evolve our soul by living experiences, learning to know ourselves and contributing to humanity.

In the mission of life or path of life, there is a notion of meaning. What meaning do I want to give to my life? What is the meaning of my existence? Why in some areas I feel fulfilled and not in others? How can I contribute and what can I bring?

But be careful, finding one’s life mission does not mean “finding” the job and never changing one’s whole life. One can be in his mission of life by changing several times of profession (which can be very different from each other), while remaining on a common thread, to bring a light.

The important thing is to love what we do and who we are. Someone who has a passion and a “food” job to make money but makes him unhappy, can not, in my opinion, be neither good in his job nor in his passion because he is not fulfilled. This person will then be looking for happiness outside, to compensate for his inner unhappiness, the malaise of his soul.

The problem is that to be happy, happiness must be inside us, the happiness that we find on the outside is only an illusion that does not last because it does not “belong” to us.

“Being in touch with one’s life mission means giving meaning to what is happening to us”

Arnaud Riou

What is the point of finding one’s life mission?

A life mission is a kind of contribution. Everyone contributes, which is why humanity can continue to exist and everyone experiences human experiences.
What could be better than giving meaning to one’s life, getting up in the morning with enthusiasm? This is what happens when one is well in the mission of life, in his path.   The mission of life will give us this energy, this force to advance, this fullness, this feeling of evidence, this inner well-being.

So be careful, I do not say that as soon as you are on your way of life, you get up every morning in a good mood, that everything is easy and that we end up living in a world of care bears. Of course, there may be obstacles in front of us, that less pleasant events may happen, but it will be much easier to take all this with more lightness and hindsight and to see all this as opportunities to evolve.

Course detours

But before arriving on our path of life, we all passed and we all go byways that will not be good. These paths in which we encounter difficulties, a bad being, etc …
It is perfectly normal and we must not forget that it is thanks to what one qualifies as “errors of course” or “detours” that after a while you come to find your mission of life. All we experience are experiences that help us evolve until we remember why we came to earth and what contribution we want to make. These mistakes, of course, can take place over several lives, it is likely that everyone needs several lives before (re) finding his way of life.

Change of way or evolution of being?

Personally, I changed several ways, but I do not have the impression, with hindsight, to have “changed” several times.
I do not have this impression because I feel my course as an evolution of my being and it is this course, this evolution which allowed me to be who I am today and which allows me to re – to find, to reconnect with my soul, with my mission of life.
Through theater and cinema as an actress, I think I searched for myself, looked for my place in relation to others. I jostled and learned a lot, opened up more, pushed back some of my limitations.
Then, as an interior designer, I started(continued because I aspire to this since childhood) to try to find out how in this life, I can bring my light and use my light to improve the well-being of people who ask for it.   I also learned a lot and evolved, even if it was not this precise way that finally suited me.
These two courses that look very distinct are not for me, they represent my evolution in this life.

Now, I feel fully fulfilled but I do not know what tomorrow will be done, I do not know where this path will lead me and it is also that which is wonderful. I continue to learn and evolve every day and I am so happy about it! I think that when we are happy about life, when we feel happy doing nothing and it is this fulfillment that makes us do things and not the other way around, we are in our mission of life.

Since we incarnate to live experiences, human experience, feelings, experience, etc … it seems sensible to me that we are experiencing a lot of things before re finding that why we had decided to come to earth.
All of this is part of the evolution of the soul.

There are as many missions as human beings

Ask yourself, “What can I do to make the world a better place? Is the first step in finding one’s way of life.

The idea is not that everyone starts to meditate and retreats to a cave. As we say, “it takes everything to make a world”, that’s why each job is important and especially that we do not all have the same desires, that we do not develop all the same faculties, the same skills.
A cameraman, who likes to do what he does, will contribute as much to the world as a doctor or a Buddhist monk. That’s why there is not a single mission of life, but as many missions as humans.
Everyone can help her to make the world better, the more difficult is to re-find how.

The biggest scourge is the lack of self-love. It is this lack of self-love that leads us to self-sabotage.
Thoughts such as “I’m not able to do that”, “I’m too lame in there”, “I’m not strong enough” etc … limit us in our creative power, in our power and then we draw to ourselves only limited things. 

To love oneself is to allow oneself to grow, to really evolve, with all the power that we all have. It’s spreading one’s own light.

How to find one’s life mission when you really do not know what you want?

When we do not know what we want to do, we often have not been used to listening to ourselves. It is when one has built one’s life by wanting to please others, by wanting to be accepted into society …

I think of my companion who started his career in a branch he did not like. In high school, during a meeting with a guidance counselor, he did not know which way to go. He was good at math and science, and the counselor immediately invited him to a career where there are opportunities. Ah, these famous outlets!
As he was raised in a family in which “you have to do a job to earn money, the question is not whether you like what you do”, he ended up studying in an area that did not really interest him and start a career in a field that he was undergoing more than anything else. 
A bad for a good (like all experiences, there is always good and nothing is by chance)he has now chosen to do what makes him vibrate and went beyond the beliefs in which he grew up.

In this example, it is not the fault of the guidance counselor, the fault does not come from others (we make all our own choices) , it is a whole system in which we live which is made of many limiting beliefs Everyone has the freedom to join or not (and to be aware of it, it often takes time, even several lives).

The problem then is that we do not ask ourselves what we really want to do. How we want to contribute to the world What we want to bring and what experiences we want to live to evolve. 
Wanting to enter a hut to follow a flock when that is not what makes us happy, prevents us from releasing our own light and finding personal fulfillment (personal fulfillment that shines on others when it is real).

One of the keys is to get to know each other without wanting to please others. The lives of others are the lives of others. Why want to live a life that does not belong to you? Who does not fit you and do not make you happy?