How to manage the lack of time?

Since the start of the school year, I feel that I have been hired by Macron and Philippe and that they call me “Minister”. Nothing presumptuous in it, it’s only at the level of the agenda and the lack of time that it feels … I start a year that looks very complicated with huge stakes at the end and tons of projects to lead next. Except that the re-entry is just past and I already have the feeling of running out of time and having my head underwater. But when you have time for nothing, you have to take time for everything and I intend to manage to organize myself to manage everything.

In this article, I want to share with you some tips to survive the lack of time and this ministerial agenda where there is no longer a free space. I also take the opportunity to warn you of small changes that will be on the blog this year.

Better time management is setting priorities

Of course, when we have to juggle between different activities that we like or that we are obliged to do it is often difficult to prioritize them. We say that everything is important and vital and therefore the choice is very complicated. Except that it is impossible to concentrate in the same way on everything when there is no time! Or you decide not to sleep anymore, it’s up to you to see …

For my part, I will have to juggle between work, studies, a large memory, my business creation and the blog. Just to list all this, I must admit that I’m afraid of running out of time and everything screw up miss.

So there will surely be some changes on the blog. It hurts me a lot to admit it, but it’s a passion that will have to take a little less space in my life, at least for a small year … I do not know yet if I’ll manage to keep my two articles per week (Thursday and Sunday), which will then be shorter, or if I go to one. The future will tell.

This decision is torture and I will have to do violence to submit to it but I know that it is the only way for me to manage everything.

Get organized so you do not run out of time

Nothing new you will tell me … and yet if we are annoyed every year with the organization, it’s for a good reason! I have already done a lot of articles on the subject, especially to make a to-do list according to your personality and to become more productive in everyday life.

We are all different and therefore all need a specific organization. However, if there is one thing that I invite you not to neglect, it is to have an agenda or a notebook to note everything. For my part, I put myself in bullet and I must say that I am rather conquered by the nice bujo that I found on Amazon for ten euros (and in addition the colors are beautiful!). When I told you about it on Instagram I was surprised by the number of people who use one too! Like what is really a method that has proven itself.

Find techniques to not run out of time

Organizing is also listening to one’s needs and desires. Are you in the morning? Well, do not hesitate to start the day at dawn even if your family and colleagues are still sleeping. You will be able to more fully advance on your projects without being disturbed! It’s the same if you need a short nap in the early afternoon. It is not because others do not do that that you are not entitled to it! Just take a little more break at noon, if it helps you to be more energetic and motivated, it’s all good!

You can also use software or apps to save time. I must admit that I do not really use it because I’m a fan of paper but I already try Trello ,  Asana , To doist to organize or Forest to stay focused. To test!

Better manage your time … on the plate!

When we run out of time, the first thing we neglect is food. But there is nothing more precious to be in shape, motivated and to carry out its projects! Well, how do you want to have energy if you give your tone inappropriate food or bad?

I know this may seem extremely time-consuming, but all you need is a list of quick meals to prepare and some good tools to have healthy meals all week long! For my part, I opt for a small super practical blender that allows me to take my smoothies or soups to the office without having to change containers! I just have to put everything in the pot, mix and close the lid. Sincerely, it changes your life!

I would like to finish this article by pointing out that a lack of time is not an excuse to forget oneself and that it is absolutely vital to keep time for oneself, to pamper oneself and rest. All these projects are long-lasting marathons and it is mandatory to take breaks to get off to a good start.