Importance of massaging your feet

Although it is hard to believe that a point on the soles of the feet is directly related to other organs, the Chinese have discovered that many of our nerve endings are connected and can influence each other.

At present, many factors are stressors and can not be easily achieved. This reduces the quality of sleep and, in more extreme cases, prevents us from sleeping.

Massaging the feet benefits the functioning of the brain and the nervous system. In addition, it influences relaxation and encourages us to sleep.

What other benefits can we get?

As already mentioned, the massage of this area helps you to sleep and not wake up all night. But it also helps you to:

– Strengthen the immune system.
– Improve blood circulation.
– Improve digestive processes.
– It is ideal for patients with arthritis.
– Reduces the feeling of fatigue.
– Relaxes the body.
– Relieve the feeling of tired legs.
– Relieve pressure on the neck and neck.
– Fights stress.
– It helps relieve contractures and muscle tension.
– Relax the restless and nervous children.

What technique do I have to follow?

We can not always afford a massage therapist, but we can learn to do this process ourselves.
– Relax and try to say “in white. Start by pressing on the fleshy part of the big toe. Do the same thing with each finger. When you’re done, go back to the first finger and now hit the first goal. Do it with everyone.
– With your thumb, gently press the big toe towards the heel. Now, from heel to toe.
– Locate the center of the cutaneous plant and press with your thumb for 30 seconds. Repeat three times.

To start seeing changes, it is important to do these massages every day. If you wish, you can use essential oil. You will see that this practice is simple, that it will take you a few minutes and that you will give yourself great benefits.