Love of self

Ah, self-love … We are very hard on ourselves and learning to love each other is a real battle. Yet to love oneself is essential. Self-love is cultivated, offered … There is no happier than a person who loves himself. Besides, a person who loves himself is a person who loves. I think that before loving someone, you have to know how to love each other.

Learn to love each other this work every day. So I wanted to share with you, these little things that help me to accept me better.

But first, to love oneself means that one accepts oneself as one is. Be aware of his qualities, his strengths, know his abilities. Accept also, his weaknesses, his limits and his faults.

“If we do not love each other, we can not allow someone to love us. “

A negative sentence and seven times more powerful than a positive sentence. This is the one we will remember. So it may be a boat tip but you have to learn to talk positively. Ok, it’s a little gymnastics of the mind but you have to know how to compliment, list what you like at home. And stop getting bogged down or call yourself incapable or worthless. Be positive and kind to you.

In the same line, we must accept its weaknesses, its fears … Nobody is perfect! So, we release the pressure, we guilt and we remain indulgent with oneself. If we focus only on what is wrong, we feed a certain dissatisfaction, which will grow day by day and poison our minds. So, we agree not to be on all fronts. We deploy its riches!

“To love and love others without wanting to change them”

Take care of yourself, take time is important. Deploy your abilities to feel fully happy. Take time to do things that we are passionate about. Reading, writing for example or doing sports. Take his skin, his hair to feel good in his body, which allows to accept it as it is.

Of course, we must stop comparing ourselves to others. To do like other people because it is estimated that we are less well. We’re all different. What suits others is not always the best for us. We must do what is best for us without giving importance to the eyes of others.

Respect yourself. To know how to say no, to put limits. Know what you want. Respect his needs. You have to learn to listen to yourself, to be respected by sharing our limits, our feelings.

“To love oneself is not selfish or narcissistic”

One must not feel ashamed to love oneself. It is not being imbued with ourselves to appreciate each other. Self-love is not to believe oneself superior to others, but simply to recognize in ourselves and in each of us our value.