These 14 tips will help you lose weight almost without any effort

Losing weight has become a prerogative for many people, whether for health reasons or to have more confidence. That’s why we reveal these 15 tips that can help you a lot in the weight loss process.

1. Breathe deeply

A  deep breath is to reduce the level of cortisol in your body, it is a hormone that manages the stress and weight gain. The acceleration of metabolism is another consequence of this habit due to the fact that more oxygen enters your body with each of your inspirations. In addition, when your rate of expiration is higher, larger amounts of carbon dioxide are removed from your body, causing your cells to consume more energy.

2. Do not exclude vegetables from your breakfast

Breakfast alone gives your body 25% of the elements needed for a full day’s operation. So it’s not for nothing if it’s the most important meal of all. Judy Koutsky, a writer, also tried it by eating a minimum vegetable every morning for a month and the results were surprising.

3. Keep a straight posture

No matter what you do while sitting, make a habit of keeping your back straight. Some  research  has shown that this was likely to improve your  mood  and your mental health. Your stress will also be significantly reduced and as you know, stress has quite close links with weight gain.

4. Eat spicy more often

Capsaicin is used in spicy foods such as chilli and is known to make the process of burning fat much faster. And that’s not all, because it’s enough that you eat spicy so that the activity of your metabolism rises by 20% for about half an hour. Which means that you will burn fat without any effort.

5. Take your meals in front of a mirror 

Scientists have come to the fact that eating in front of a mirror allows you to eat less unhealthy food, because the mirror increases self-awareness and therefore weight loss. 

6. Prefer the stairs

Some studies have shown that the rising two stories a day you had lost 2 kilos and a half year. Knowing that if you make six floors daily, your weight loss could be as much as 7 and a half pounds annually.

7. Lift weights

Experts say lifting weights is one of the best ways to lose weight as quickly as possible. Do not burn the steps and start with the lightest weights, otherwise, you will force yourself and hurt yourself  .

8. Drink two glasses of water before eating

Drinking water before meals is a very good technique for feeling fuller faster. In addition to that, water helps your metabolism run more efficiently and therefore burn more fat.

9. Walk as often as possible

Walking is obviously the best physical activity to lose weight, since it is both effective and economical in effort, especially since it is practical, it is a means of travel after all! Then give up the means of transport and go for the walk!

10. Practice stretching

Stretching exercises are great for many reasons, but most importantly because they give you more flexibility and reduce your risk of injury. Not to mention the fact that it allows you to spend calories!

11. Use a small plate

This trick is to fill a small plate of food. In this way you will deceive your brain so that it gives a satiety signal to the rest of the body. You can do this with a vegetable dish and then with other types of food to train your brain.

12. Take your time while eating

Do not rush while eating, chew as slowly as possible to give your brain time to feel full, which will, of course, allow you to eat less.

13. Wait while standing

Instead of sitting at the bus stop or in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, take the trouble to stay upright as it can get you up to 50 calories per hour.

14. Take hot baths

A study from  Loughborough University showed that taking a shower or a hot bath could eventually burn calories. This is the moment to put you there!