I remember that at the age of 8 or 9, I was invited to eat at my neighbor’s house. At the dessert of the watermelon, at the time I hated it. In order not to upset my girlfriend’s mom, I did not dare to say “no” and here I am with a huge piece of watermelon on my plate. I must have grinned while eating because she said: “oh you do not seem to like”. At that time, I was even more afraid of offending her so I replied that I liked a lot. I even forced myself to take a second part.

When I think about it, it was so ridiculous to inflict it on me. Fortunately, little May has grown well and with the time we learn. That said, saying no has always been and sometimes still remains difficult for me. While I have a hard time refusing something, I remember there are a lot of good reasons to say no!

  • Because it’ll help you gain confidence in yourself

When we manage to say no once, then two, then three … it really has an impact on his self-esteem. Clearly, you will regain confidence in yourself. It was a trigger for me. In addition, there is a bonus: knowing no, you will avoid situations that will frustrate you and you will be more fulfilled.

  • Because it’s liberating

I can promise you that when you decide to say “no” for the first time it’s a good thing. For me, it was a great victory in my personal development, as a weight that I left out. I am well placed to know that it is not easy, but it’s really worth it. So it does not matter if you say it half-heartedly, with an embarrassed smile or that you shout loudly … the important thing is that it goes out.

  • Because you owe it to yourself

Take an example, you know that your best friend hates eating Asian food. Would you force him to come with you to eat a Jap? I do not think because when we appreciate someone we want him to feel good. So take a step back and see the situation from the outside. If you would not force someone you love to do something he does not want to, why are you forcing yourself?

  • Because it will protect you

I told you about it in the 10 commandments of happiness, it is ultra-important to surround yourself with positive, inspiring people who pull you up. By not knowing how to say no, you do not set any limit to toxic people who will not hesitate to step on you. Knowing and being able to pronounce “no” is a way to protect oneself from these people and to avoid being manipulated.

  • Because you have quite the right

I finish this post by simply reminding you that you have the right to disagree. You have the right not to want. Remember this quote from the novelist Paulo Coelho:  “When you say yes to others, make sure you do not say no to yourself.”