Why looking for happiness that will make you unhappy

When we talk about happiness, we often think about being happy all the time. Every day, every minute, without any negativity. Many try to pursue this constant state of “happiness” as the ultimate goal and avoid anything that might deter them.

But what is the meaning of this type of “happiness”?

It’s a bit like your favorite dish. You can eat it every day, it will not become better. On the contrary, when you have the chance to eat it only occasionally, you really enjoy it. So it’s the food itself that makes you happy, or is it worth it when you eat it?

Remember that it is only through experiencing sadness that we understand what it is to be happy.

Do not assume that others are always happy

Most people look at those who have a life that seems to be perfect and they assume they are happy all the time. Since childhood, we are conditioned to look for this “and they were happy forever” that we see in the tales. On social networks, everyone tends to share only the best aspects of their lives. So it’s really easy to have a distorted view of “happiness” around us.

In reality, there is always something missing, something unsatisfactory.

Nobody has a perfect life. Even the most popular celebrity or the richest on earth have challenges and problems.

When we feel negative, we focus only on that part of the fluctuating curve. At that moment, one has the impression that these problems will be the life or death of your day/life/business. But you go over them and weeks, months and possibly years go by with always positive moments and other negatives.

Stop chasing happiness, be fair

It’s natural to want to be happy as often as possible.

So what to do?

First, throw away the belief that a perfect life means happiness. Personally, I would be miserable if everything was perfect. It is by facing the difficulties of a lifetime that we are pushed to care for others when they experience similar experiences. If life were perfect, we would not be able to feel empathy. If life were perfect, we would not grow up.

To be truly happy, stop chasing happiness permanently.

It seems like a paradox. But what I mean is that you have to accept that there are ups and downs throughout your life. Understand that happiness is a fluctuation of positive and negative events.

Understand the importance of gratitude. Instead of focusing on unpleasant moments, send a memory to your mind of that moment when you had nothing. We must know the shadow to realize that we are lucky to see the light.

Happiness and sadness exist together

In summary, your life will be filled with beautiful, happy, incredible moments. Tears of joy, happy cries and funny stories. But your life will also be filled with rain and storms that will never seem to stop when you’re right in it.

But whether your face is illuminated by the sun or your heart is drowned in the rain, know that it’s all part of the cycle of life.

Cherish moments of happiness and strengthen yourself in sad moments. Do not try to avoid “sad” or “bad” moments by just looking for “happiness”.

In the end, you will get a real level of satisfaction in your life, based on significant experiences and achievements. Being able to create growth and meaning from positive and negative events is true happiness.