The mother-son relationship is extraordinary

Mothers have a significant impact on their sons as their behavior as adults is attributed in part to their relationship with them. No other person understands a child better than his mother. From birth to adulthood, these two maintain a strong bond, and the latter is crucial for the child’s overall development and emotional health.

A son needs his mother, a mother can not do without her child. ” Simone de Beauvoir.

Let’s see in this article how a mother influences her son:

  1. Emotional intelligence 

Women are generally more emotionally intelligent than men, and as they are usually the main guardians of children, they pass on this intelligence to their sons. Moms are more alert and more sensitive to the emotional well-being of their toddlers and respond better to their emotions. A little boy whose mother is emotionally intelligent will develop his own sense of emotional intelligence.

  1. Respectful and honorable 

The son observes how his mother reacts and behaves on a daily basis and learns from it. He sees the problems he is facing and learns various ways to overcome them while developing empathy. On the other hand, he sees the world from his mother’s point of view and learns to be respectful of others and lead a dignified life.

  1. Less prejudices 

Children who have a strong relationship with their mother know that being violent or suppressing their emotions is by no means a sign of virility. They think rather that there is nothing wrong with what they cry or express themselves. In addition, they have lasting friendships.

  1. Better expression and communication 

Compared to men, women express themselves better and manage interpersonal communication. They are a true model in terms of communication. When the son has close ties to his mother, he will learn how important self-expression is in life.

  1. Respect women 

A close relationship with the mother will help a boy appreciate his role in life and his contribution to the family. He will learn to respect women in general because he is less likely to have problems of superiority with his female counterparts.

  1. Less imprudent behavior  

A positive mother-son relationship reduces the influence of peer pressure. A study reveals that a mother has a major influence on her son’s attitude to alcohol, d rugs and s ex.

  1. The qualities will be transmitted from one generation to another

A mother teaches her son patience, empathy, generosity, compassion, love and much more as he grows up. This will be part of his personality and he will pass on all these values ​​to his own children.

A boy who is loved and has a healthy relationship with his mother turns into a confident man. A study published in the August 2011 edition of Child Development indicates that the unconditional love and acceptance of the mother reassures the son (he knows that he is loved and able to be a good friend and a good lover ). The study also reveals that the more loving a mother is, the less likely she is to be cold and distant as an adult.

Pasco Fearon, Ph.D. in Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Reading in the UK, said: “Children whose attachment to the mother was precarious, especially boys, had significantly more behavioral problems, even when the latter is measured years later. “