10 bad habits that destroy your relationship

In a relationship, both partners need to work hard and make sure that they never slip into the routine to avoid getting into a negative spiral. Admittedly, maintaining a relationship is not always easy, but everyone must put theirs to avoid that some habits of daily do not hinder their idyll.

Living under the same roof as your partner requires making concessions in order to adapt to each other’s habits.

Here are ten habits to avoid for your couple to be at their best.

Lie to your partner

A relationship based on lies does not predict anything good because the lack of honesty sign the end of the couple. Even the little lies that you think are not very important may come back to haunt you. To avoid this, always play the transparency card.

Spy on your partner

One of the things that could seriously put your couple at risk is spying! Spying on your partner’s actions while searching their phone, reading their messages and emails, hacking their Facebook account, and even watching their whereabouts are all things that can hurt your relationship. You will not solve your trust problems in this way, behave as an adult and talk to your half of your doubts.

Compare your partner with your ex

If you spend your time comparing your partner to your ex, you’d better leave him/her and go back to live in the past. This comparison can be a source of conflict because your partner will feel depressed and feel that they are not up to the task. If you are not able to accept the person who shares your life for what it is, you are wrong.

Try to change your partner

Wanting to shape and shape your half to your sauce may eventually make her feel tired and give her the impression that she is not good enough. Wanting to remove some small flaws is one thing, but trying to set up a total makeover is a lack of consideration. Learn to love your partner as he/she is!

Criticize your partner’s family

Not always getting along with one’s in-laws is a universal fact, but it’s not a reason to constantly criticize and avoid advitam eternam. By doing so, you show that you do not give them any importance. Whatever your threshold of tolerance, you must take on yourself and show off with them for the sake of your relationship.

Take your partner for granted

Never rest on your laurels and remember that you must constantly make your partner feel that you love him as the first day. Despite the highs and lows and whatever the length of the relationship, never take your partner for granted. Continue to show gratitude, help, compliment, surprise and especially love!

Keep accounts constantly

Being in a couple is also about giving and receiving and not spending your time doing apothecary accounts to find out who spent what and who brings the most money to finance the household. You have to learn to share tasks as well as responsibilities and income.

Do not forgive

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, you have to know how to forgive and move on. Always remembering mistakes made in the past as soon as a fight breaks out can take you straight into the wall. 

Avoid confrontations

A true relationship is not based solely on love, passion and romance. For it to be healthy, it must be embellished with small disputes here and there that are good! Emptying the bag when needed is good and helps to advance, but avoid confrontation and the ostrich may implode the couple.

Being jealous

Showing jealousy from time to time can certainly be flattering but being on the verge of hysteria as soon as your partner goes out without you risks creating real tensions between you two. Learn to trust him and stop cluttering with black ideas!