10 behaviors of couples that annoy singles

Couples are great. Finally … except when you are single and you are surrounded by couples who do not know how to behave!

Here are the 10 couple behaviors that annoy singles (too much)!

  1. Loud hugs

Brassens will not say the opposite: lovers who smooch on public benches have something very nice. But when they smooch on OUR public bench making lots of disgusting noises (slurp, smack, etc.), and we no longer even manage to focus on our crosswords, we just want to kill them!

  1. Public preliminaries

The couples who roll their noisy and untimely shovels in front of us when we are single and there are only three at the table, it’s frankly the horror (did you say “hold the candle” ?!). But there is worse: those who, in addition to kissing, fiddle with each other in all directions and halfway up… “Uh, well, I’m going ” …

  1. Too busy with their married life

Before, when we were all single with our girlfriends, we promised ourselves that “never a guy could get in the way of our friendship”. But now that they are all settled, as soon as they are called for a drink or to discuss, either they cannot speak because they are in their in-laws, or they already have something planned with their family. darling … Grr!

  1. The unbearable young couples

When you’re single and struggling to find something to suit your needs, new couples are clearly our worst enemies! They are so wrapped up in their cloud of love and marshmallow that they do not realize that it has already been 8 times that they tell us about their first date, and that in addition, it makes us very sad. Wasn’t it William Sheller who said that people who love each other are always a little cruel?

  1. Taking part

Nothing is more unbearable than being caught up in a couple’s argument when you are single. Already, because it weighs down the atmosphere, in addition, their argument, we do not care, and especially because once in two, when we have given our opinion, we will eat a “at the same time, you cannot understand yourself, since you are single ”. Argllllll …

  1. “It’s a shame you don’t have a guy”!

Going to a restaurant with a couple is a real ordeal. Already, because we always more or less play the role of the candlestick. Then, because we may have a good evening, one of the two always ends up saying “ha, it’s a shame, if you had a guy, we could spend great evenings at 4”. Uh, well sorry, I didn’t think that you had to walk in pairs to have a good time.

  1. “You can babysit the children, since …”?

People in couples who have children, we love them. Except when they think that our celibacy is synonymous with “since she has no love life she has no life at all so on Friday night she has nothing better to do than babysit our children. “!

  1. The surprise guest

When you’re single and want to spend an evening with your BFF, there’s nothing worse than inviting her for a drink with us and seeing that she came … with her jules! And that in front of our half-astonished half-angry gaze, her only answer will be “ha thin, I had to come alone? But you know, you can talk about anything in front of him, eh ”. But yes, I really wanted to talk about my personal problems and my IUD in front of your guy …

  1. 100% couples evenings

Before, when we spent an evening in our group of single friends, it was cool: we laughed, we talked about anything and everything, we played crazy. Now that everyone (except us) is settled, it’s not really the same delirium: couples stay between couples, they talk about couples, their future vacations as a couple, their plans for couples … and we, we stay on the sidelines!

  1. “Isn’t he great? “

Being the last bachelor of your group of friends is never easy. And it is even less so when the penultimate celibate (the one who has just found a guy) thinks that we are the perfect person to share his happiness (when in fact, we are a little jealous). Suddenly, we have to spend an evening stuffing ourselves with stories of love love love, his happiness, and 1001 anecdotes about his love darling … Gloups.