10 behaviors that feed jealousy

Jealousy, who hasn’t already felt it? In small doses, it can sometimes revive your feelings, but beware, jealousy is also one of the first factors for the appearance of conflicts in a couple. What are the behaviors that promote jealousy?

What is jealousy?

The jealousy arises from a psychological conflict that returns you to your own fears , your insecurity. It usually occurs when you lose self-confidence or have a low self-esteem. Jealousy lives in you when you want what you cannot get, so you envy others for what they have that you do not have. Obviously, jealousy is not objective and it often manifests itself in mistrust, aggressiveness, worry towards yourself or towards others.

Behaviors that feed jealousy

1. Constantly talking about a co-worker

He is kind, he is charming, he is attentive. In short, you fell in love with it. This does not mean that you are in love with him, but if you do not stop talking about everything that this colleague does and says, it is very likely that your partner will end up being wary and worried. If you want to arouse jealousy with him, this is a good way, but if it is not your intention, do not forget to remind your lover of his qualities and measure your enthusiasm for this extraordinary colleague.

2. Register on a dating site

Out of curiosity, you signed up for a dating site to see who the single men and women are in your area. Even if you do it without mischief and with no real desire to deceive your lover, if he realizes that you have, if only opened a profile, you can be assured that this will arouse his displeasure and his jealousy. Admit it, if you wanted to look elsewhere, there is surely a reason, if not why try the devil unnecessarily.

3. Exchange emails or text messages with one another

You met someone at a gym or at a party. Whether it’s an old acquaintance or a new meeting, if you start to exchange n**ughty and charming emails and text messages under your partner’s nose, bet that it will not be without consequences. Seeing you smile and laugh at each exchange, your partner may feel frustrated and jealous of this person with whom you seem to have so much fun.

4. Charming another while you are in the company of your spouse.

During a party, one of your friends introduces himself in the company of a charming and interesting person. You want to play the game of seduction. You even forget that your spouse is there somewhere, and that he / she can see you make eye contact or touch this person affectionately. Know that there are limits not to cross if you do not want to hurt your lover and if you do not want to make him jealous / jealous. It’s nice to feel like you are being liked by others, but if you love your partner, it’s best to be careful what you do.

5. Smell someone else’s scent

If you arrive home and have a smell of perfume in your neck that is not yours (or that of your partner), it is quite possible that this raises questions. The imagination is fertile and your partner could imagine all kinds of scenarios.  

6. Make yourself beautiful for an outing without your partner

You go out with friends for a simple supper, but contrary to your habits, you put the gum to make you beautiful. Before leaving, your spouse will certainly find you very chic, but it could be that he / she questions himself and imagines that you are having a date.

7. Come back later without explaining yourself

You are used to coming home early and you are the type to explain every minute of delay, but there, you come home in the early morning, without explanation . If your partner asks you questions and you do not want to give answers, it is very likely that he / she questions himself. If you have nothing to hide, think about it before you play the dungeon game, this can cause unnecessary worry.  

8. The wrong first name

You are mistaken for the first name: whether it is a pure distraction or a strange slip, your partner may be surprised. Expect to have to answer questions.

9. Review your ex

Despite your breakup, you still kept talking with your ex , you kept photos, and you even go out to dinner with him on occasion. You say it’s just a friend But, even if it is true, it remains it is your ex and seeing him again can play on the confidence of the other, because who has not heard of a friend who has relapsed with his ex, etc. You shared some great moments with this person, so it’s normal for your spouse to worry about seeing you go out with them, especially if you come home late.

10. Radio silence

You go out with friends, your spouse calls or texts you, and contrary to your habits, you do not answer. Too busy enjoying the evening. Your silence could worry your spouse. First, he will say that you have left your phone in the bottom of your bag, but if you are late in coming in, his imagination could play tricks on him.