10 disgusting men’s habits

Women are not necessarily models of cleanliness, and sometimes they do things not super classy (yes, yes, let’s face it). But it must also be said, there are certain somewhat disgusting habits which are especially specific (ah-ah) to men. Here are 10 examples (disgusting but still funny, or not…) 

1. Leave their dirty underpants lying around

Is that the first thing you thought of too? Yes guys, we don’t know why, find it very difficult to aim at the dirty laundry basket to put their underpants … dirty, therefore. And even to think about doing it in reality! Result? Disgusting boxer lying here and there in the room.

2. Pick your nose (while driving or elsewhere)

We have all (and all) already put our fingers in the nose. But if you watch carefully when you’re pulled over at a red light, you might catch a few men rummaging their noses in Indiana Jones fashion (because he’s an archaeologist, not because Harrison Ford is doing it, don’t worry. obviously escapes the rule).

3. Fart (in bed or elsewhere)

Here again, the woman who has never farted throw the first stone … And fortunately besides (because better outside than inside it seems)! But that is not the question. The problem is, guys (a lot of them anyway) loosen up and loosen up often despite the presence of their sweetheart … just inches away from them. Ugh!

4. Burp (in front of football or elsewhere)

Again, burping is ultimately rather healthy. But to do it in front of everyone, and even (or especially!) In front of his girlfriend, or even in front of him, just because Monsieur has drunk a beer and he has lost all convenience because of the emotion aroused by the goal that just marked something from the club thing, it’s a bit average (attention cliché in sight, but we like to spoof).

5. Leave drops of urine on the rim of the toilet bowl

No, not elsewhere, anyway! But it’s not bad already. Yes, a (very) large number of men pee standing up, so be it. But the problem is that a (very) large number of them make the final small drop waltz … on the rim of the bowl. And since they (very) often forget to close the bezel, we grill them directly!

6. Put your hand in their underpants

We women don’t know what it’s like to have coucougnettes. Okay. But is that a sufficient reason to endure the sight of these gentlemen who, very delicately (well not in fact), slip their hand under their pants, and even under their underwear, to take off and ventilate their private parts, just under our noses?

7. Do not wash your hands

A lot of people, men, and women, do not wash their hands systematically after using the toilet or before eating. But it seems like it’s mostly a nasty male habit to forget to do this. Maybe because they spend less time in the toilet to powder their nose? Funny excuse …

8. Do not wash at all

Your Jules loves spending the weekend in a rotten old tracksuit without going to the bathroom? Rest assured, you (or rather him) are (is) not an isolated case. According to a very serious study entitled “Men are really big filthy”, you are part of the 85% of women in a relationship to put up with this.

9. Have oily hair (and leave it like this)

You, when you see your roots growing fat a little, you wash your hair immediately and go for a treatment suitable for oily hair. He doesn’t even notice it. As long as he is used to putting gel in his hair, it makes it easier for him and he is happy about it. Mars and Venus, you said ?!

10. Kiss in the morning (with jackal’s breath)

Cuddling when you wake up, what tenderness … Do you whisper sweet words in our ears (therefore in our faces)? What happiness … A na**ghty moment under the duvet at dawn? What a pleasure … Yes but here it is, with the meal of the day before, our beloved simply has a breath to dig up the dead. But that only seems to bother you!