10 golden relationship rules for every wedding couple

What are the relationship rules?

There are rules that are supposed to be observed in any type of relationship and these rules help to ensure that relationships run smoothly. Before we take a look at what relationship rules are, let’s ask ourselves first; what are the rules

A rule can be defined as a recommended guide for action or even conduct. With this definition, we can comfortably say that relationship rules are the prescribed code of conduct that guides partners on how to behave and act in a relationship. This brings us to another question; Why are these rules important? Relationship rules, like any other rule, are very essential as they help couples to keep their relationship stable, healthy and full of respect.

10 healthy, committed and positive relationship rules for couples


1. Be honest with each other at all times

Honesty is one of the things that keeps relationships healthy, without it your relationship will always have problems that will never end. Lack of honesty seriously damages your relationship as it usually leads to a lack of trust, which is the mainstay of all relationships. Being honest with each other at all times ensures that your relationship is free from anger, doubt, suspicion, endless conflict, and insecurity. When you are dating, there are many things that you and your partner must discuss and depend on total honesty; otherwise, the relationship will be doomed. Some of these things are finances, children, your social life, and your job.

2. Always fight clean

The arguments will always be there, but you should never use dirty methods to win a fight. The way you behave when a fight breaks out is one of the things that can make or break your relationship. You should always know that fights do not in any way mean that you do not love each other or that your relationship is ending, therefore, always be respectful of your partner even when you disagree. It is also good to note that it is not mandatory that things go your way every time you fight with your partner.

3. Always remember your anniversary

Anniversaries are very important in any relationship and you should strive to always remember your anniversary, even if it is a month or year anniversary. Remembering these milestones will help strengthen your relationship. Even when you are angry at each other, you can be sure that taking time to remember all the happy moments you have shared together and how far you have come will make both of you smile. Celebrating your anniversaries together will also help you remember why you fell in love with each other; keeping the spark alive in the process.

4. Make an effort to spend quality time together.

It is very important that couples have the habit of having a good time together. This allows you and your partner to build intimacy outside of love making. this last one is essential for a relationship to work, but you cannot always depend on love making to build intimacy, as s..xual passion is not always stable. The best option to create intimacy is to find time to spend some pleasant time together, whether it is to relax or even to share some light moments. This helps create a bond that will last a lifetime.

5. Master the art of communication

Good communication skills can make or break your relationship. Mastering the art of communication will help you keep your relationship alive and healthy for a long period of time. But how do you become a good communicator? In order for you to become a good conversationalist, you must learn to listen more than you speak. Good communication allows your relationship to be free of unnecessary arguments that, if left uncorrected, can spell doom for your relationship. It also helps tone levels of respect, trust, and honesty while dictating the mood of the relationship.

6. Always apologize when you are wrong

We all make mistakes and when that happens, don’t let your ego get in the way. Acknowledge that you were wrong and extend an olive branch to your partner in the form of a sincere apology. Sometimes you may find that you are convinced that you only played a very small role in the conflict that you and your partner are going through. Even in a situation like this, saying you’re sorry for that little role you played can go a long way toward turning things around. The apology shows that you not only have empathy, but that you also respect your partner.

7. Avoid too much criticism

A little criticism is usually healthy for relationships as it helps us strive to be the best versions of ourselves, but as always, too much of everything is poisonous. When criticism in a relationship becomes excessive, it creates unhappiness and resentment, creating huge gaps in the relationship. To avoid this, you can start by letting go of all the unimportant things and being critical of the things that you consider important. Even when you criticize your partner you have to do it from a place of compassion rather than anger.

8. Think long term

The goal of any relationship is to be able to last a lifetime, and one way to make sure that happens is to think long term. Long-term thinking enables you and your partner to realize your dreams and aspirations, as you can support each other at all times. Thinking long term also brings you closer, as it shows that you are in it to stay.

9. Think of routines that you can follow as a couple.

Creating unique relationship rituals is romantic, fun, and helps keep the spark alive. There are many examples of routines that you can create with your partner and some of them are always saying goodnight and a good morning kiss, scheduling regular date nights, learning something new together, sending each other notes and cards every now and then, and volunteering. together, among many others. Having such amazing rituals will enhance your connection and make the other feel loved and important, which is an essential factor in the happiness of any relationship.

10. Be a mystery

One of the secrets to keeping love in a relationship is keeping the mystery alive. When you and your partner know absolutely everything about each other, the relationship becomes boring, which is unhealthy. The mystery fascinates us, awakens our curiosity and increases our desire for each other, helping you and your partner to feel attracted to each other at all times. The more mysterious you are, the more your partner wants to get closer to you and also the more your partner wants more of you, since mystery is what excites us.


Relationship rules are very essential and the good thing about them is that they are not set in stone. Although some of them cannot be modified, some give couples a space to be creative and come up with their own unique rules and a good example is relationship rituals as it is basically up to you and your partner to choose the rituals that will work. for your relationship.