10 good reasons to date a taller guy

In general, women like tall men, or at least taller than them. And while that’s not an absolute criteria, here are 10 great reasons to date a taller guy.

1. Because you feel protected

It’s not that you feel like a fragile little thing, but still, you like to be dominated a bit, physically anyway, and above all to feel protected. The head of your darling above yours, it makes you so good!

2. Because he can catch things at height

More pragmatic reason: with a tall guy, no more problem to catch the last pack of milk at the top of the shelf at the supermarket! And you can take the opportunity to ask him to clean the top of your furniture, or remove the cobwebs from the ceiling. Not bad!

3. Because you can wear high heels without complexing it

Do you love your stilettos? That’s good, he too is particularly seduced when you wear them. And since he’s tall, he doesn’t have a problem with that. You, perched on your celebrity heels, and he, handsome and tall by your side, are in perfect harmony.

4. Because you feel like you have a bodyguard

When you go out to a concert, whether in line at the box office or in the hall, you feel safe. No one will bother you with such a tall guy, and that’s reassuring!

5. Because you can spot him for miles (or almost)

Yes, since it is (very) large, you always manage to find it, even in a procession. Already, you love his face so much that you always recognize it from afar, but in addition, it systematically exceeds the crowd!

6. Because your (little) hugs are even more pleasant

You snuggle up against him, standing, head resting on his chest, arms raised on his shoulders… How good it is! And let’s face it that if he were smaller, you would appreciate less having your head resting … on his hair, like a mother with her child.

7. Because your (big) hugs are even more intense

When it comes to s**x, it’s the best with a taller guy: you can test more positions, and for those that require standing and/or being carried, it’s still pretty darn practical.

8. Because he muscles your own legs

By dint of putting you on your tiptoes to kiss him, the muscles of your heavily stressed legs end up shaping you shapely legs of which you are not a little proud!

9. Because he has a big bed

Yep, a tall guy usually has a king-size bed. Suddenly, when you go to his place, you take advantage of this big bedding room to stretch out, sleep like a baby… and above all do somersaults with ease!

10. Because he has a big car

Likewise, a tall guy often has a big car. Not whether you are materialistic or bling-bling, but still, let’s face it that getting around in a large sedan is quite pleasant!