10 good reasons to get married

Getting married is a big step in his life. A step that many couples do not dare to take. Marriage is the formalization of a union. It is celebrated at the town hall but also at the church. A wedding is also a unique moment in one’s life when family and friends come together to celebrate the love of a couple. No wonder this day is recognized as the most beautiful of our lives. There are a lot of reasons to get married. Do you doubt it? Here are 10!

1. Make your marriage official
Getting married is first of all making a union official. By getting married, we legally commit to each other. Once the marriage is pronounced, the status of the spouses changes at different levels.

2. Wear a princess dress
On the wedding day, the spouses are elegant. The men wear a well-tailored suit. The women wear a real princess dress.

3. Have the prettiest rings
At a wedding, the spouses exchange alliances. These rings are beautiful and full of meaning. They represent belonging. For the bride, the wedding ring often comes with a magnificent engagement ring. 

4. Celebrate love
By getting married, the spouses celebrate their love. They share a sumptuous meal with their families and their friends then dance until the end of the night while thinking of their future life together, then in several…

5. Reunite the family
A wedding is prepared very well in advance. It is therefore a unique opportunity to bring all of your family together for a weekend. Everyone can organize themselves and therefore free themselves to celebrate the wedding.

6. And make them happy
A wedding is a real source of happiness for the parents of the bride and groom but also the elders of the family. Marriage is no longer automatic. It is therefore more celebrated. The young generation is just as happy to find themselves in a spirit of celebration to create memories.

7. Have a mountain of gifts
And yes, at a wedding, the spouses receive gifts from everyone. Sometimes a kitty is organized to finance the honeymoon. Sometimes a wedding list is created for the bride and groom to choose their presents. In any case, the spouses are spoiled!

8. Starting a new life for two or more…
Marriage marks the end of a long period of preparation but also the beginning of a new life. A daily life that is being built together and then seen over the years appearing new people to love in a disproportionate way.

9. Give the same name to all household members
Marriage can also be an opportunity for a whole family to bear the same name. This distinction strengthens union and belonging.

10. Facilitate administrative procedures
Even if today the PACS makes life easier for unmarried couples, let us not forget that marriage is an asset in the management of many daily administrative procedures. With two, it is easier to buy a house for example!