10 Healthy Ways To Cope With A Breakup: Dealing With Breakups

You don’t have to suffer and ‘stop living’ due to a breakup, you have to cope and move on

Breaking up is a process that is the result of a malfunctioning relationship. The feelings of love must maintain their continuity and reciprocity of feelings so that they can function and get along as a couple in a healthy relationship. Certain things and situations can happen that are not entirely the result of your choices. You must prepare to handle it. Don’t let a breakup fill you with destructive feelings. More specifically, you could end up denying yourself the opportunity to experience loving feelings with someone else who may come into your life. However, it is interesting how there are two aspects of love that are very different from each other. First, it comes in a natural way, which means you didn’t expect it to happen and you just went with the flow. In second place,

1. Accept your situation, cope with your breakup

Acceptance is the key. It is difficult to accept a breakup with a person with whom you were emotionally connected. Unfortunately, it is a gradual process for most people. If you are one of them, it is best to start your healing by fully understanding how and why it happened! You can think of positive things about your relationship, but focus on what didn’t work out. Why weren’t you meant to be together? Remember all the things that went wrong during your relationship that eventually made you break up. You will be ready to leave that phase of your life in the past and look to the future. Although in theory this sounds easy to do, in reality it will be difficult. It will take time to heal your wounds. So during this time you must fully focus on yourself! Be the best that you can view things positively and be optimistic. It will surely be much easier. If you handle yourself well, you will reach the point that the relationship will remain in the past as a simple memory.

2. Reflect on your relationship and the true cause of your breakup

Whether it was a “happy ending” (meaning that you both agreed to break up) or not, some feelings for that person will remain within you until you fully heal. Reflecting will help you move faster from these residual feelings of love. You will find your inner peace and face it more easily, while thinking in a more positive way. For example, think about your differences with him or her on important things like politics or ethics. You will probably understand that at some point you had these differences, problems, or misunderstandings that would not allow your relationship to last long. Sooner or later, these things would have led to major conflicts, resulting in a breakup. Reflect on your current situation carefully. You will soon understand that you are suffering for so little and how important it is to look on the bright side. Someday you will meet your soulmate: with whom these problems will no longer exist!

3. Talk about it and deal with the help of a friend

Talk about your ended relationship with someone who is special to you. For example, a good friend or family member. It should be someone you feel comfortable crying with. It’s okay to cry! It can act as a pain reliever. First of all, it will be easier to handle because it will release most, if not all, of the anger, frustration, and sadness that you feel. You will also have the opportunity to receive advice from your good friend. Because you may feel depressed and less focused, your head may not be as clear as usual. A little perspective from a stranger will help you regain your focus. Even a few little tips or encouragement from your friend will help clear your mind. You can talk about the good and bad in your relationship while you were together. You will understand that your breakup was based on signs throughout your relationship. But either you didn’t notice these signs or you didn’t want to accept them.

4. If you feel rejected …

In case you experienced frustrating feelings, you were mistreated and you did not receive as much love from your ex… you should not allow yourself to feel pain and cry for the next few weeks and months. Even if you loved that person madly, it doesn’t make sense! It’s about giving and receiving from both sides to function and have a healthy relationship. It will heal over time, even if this seems like the hardest thing to do. If a person finds self-confidence, believes in the openness of feelings, generally suffers less from the breakup. It gets to the point that managing and reflecting on the cause of the breakup is easier, which makes it faster.

5. Don’t blame yourself for your breakup

You can handle it! Whatever the reason, you should never blame yourself to the point of plunging into deep suffering or grief. You shouldn’t blame yourself for the fact that your relationship has ended, even for any possible mistakes you’ve made in your relationship, because no one is perfect! Perhaps he or she had not made the effort to try to overcome the challenges or problems that they were having as a couple. This happened because there was clearly not enough love and compatibility in their relationship. It just wasn’t meant to be! Always remember that some things may happen out of your control and do not determine what kind of person you are.

6. Take care and face yourself

You may feel sick and don’t feel like doing anything other than staying in bed all day, eating emotionally, or “dieting.” You have to understand how harmful that is in many ways, from mentally neglecting yourself to physically. You don’t have to punish or mistreat yourself! All you are doing is entering a deep black hole. Instead, you can brighten your life again with all the positive things around you. It’s not the end of the world! There are so many things to enjoy in your life and you must remind yourself about these beautiful things around you. You will see that you have many more reasons to get out of that bed than to mourn a breakup for the rest of your life. You have to value yourself and regain your self-esteem.

7. Get out there and prioritize your social life

Going out with friends, visiting family, or just a short trip out of town will help you in many ways. When experiencing something bad, even a simple walk can help relax the mind. Interact with your loved ones, talk and share moments together! It will keep your mind off your ex for a while. Besides your work routine, probably one of the best things to do is the things you enjoy: your hobbies and passions. Do what makes you happiest! It will definitely cheer you up and make the breakup process easier to handle. You should not allow a breakup to define your life, your way of thinking, or put you in deep depression and pain. Therefore, it is better to establish new adventures and life experiences. You will feel refreshed and you will end the coping sooner,

8. Avoid contact with your ex

After you’re done, avoid situations and places where your ex might be around. It is crucial and a great factor in your healing process. For a while, it is also better to distance yourself from mutual friends. Even if you tell yourself that your relationship is over, whether there is love left or not… as you watch it, your heart will probably remember even the smallest feeling from your shared past. It is normal! Because not long ago you were emotionally and physically attached. It’s understandable if you find yourself wanting to get in touch with your ex. If you are in the first phase of the breakup, sometimes you will miss it. Therefore, it is better to avoid any contact. Time will pass and all your hurts heal, and your future meetings with your ex will eventually remind you of some good or bad memories.

9. Don’t remain friends after your breakup

A big mistake! If you consider being friends with your ex right after you split up, trust me, it’s not going to work! It will make dealing with your feelings that much more difficult. Going from being a loving couple to being friends will be a NIGHTMARE! At a certain point, you may feel that you are strong enough and ready to be with him or her as friends. Don’t fall for it! It is sure to remind you of your experiences together as a couple or remind you of leftover feelings or physical attraction. It would make your healing process take so long and it would become almost impossible to deal with it. So letting your ex remain a part of your life as a friend will make you lose your mind, especially if you were very close to each other. For the two of you, the healthiest thing to do would be to stay apart and not have contact with each other for a while. You may consider being friends only after you have successfully passed your healing process. for example, when it has gotten to the point that you are both happy and in love with other people. So somehow it can work, although there are more cases where exes remain only exes!

10. Don’t lose faith in people or relationships.

Since you may feel sad and disappointed after your breakup, you can probably assume that all men or women are bad. That being in a relationship will always leave you hurt and disappointed in the end. But this is not true at all! People are different, so relationships will always be different too! If you experienced a bad one because he or she was simply not your soulmate, you are sure to find your true love in the future. That is why you have to meet new people and have new experiences so that you increase the opportunity to meet your best partner in the near future and have an excellent and lasting relationship.