10 important events that bind your relationship

Having a successful life as a couple means finding and maintaining a certain harmony which can sometimes be very fragile. Because as and when the stages of this married life, things and feelings change! Sometimes certain events disturb the balance and sow discord among lovers. But others, on the contrary, can have the opposite effect and come to weld the couple more. 

1. The first “I love you”

You remember it like it was yesterday. (Ah was it really yesterday ?! Well that’s a great start!). This magic formula that makes the heart tremble and beat at full speed has the gift of strengthening a couple in the blink of an eye: we open up and we engage in a way, it’s not nothing!

2. The first s**xual intercourse

Obviously, if there is one event that strongly binds a couple together, it is the first night of love. That said, maybe we should rather talk about the first really successful s**x! Because honestly, the first time, it’s not always ecst**sy! But when you start to know each other well, then it becomes really strong, both in terms of pleasure and complicity.

3. Meeting with the in-laws

Yes, a moment both dreaded and hoped for! Meeting our partner’s father and mother is always an ordeal, more or less trying but always a minimum intimidating. But that’s it, it’s over, and we feel more “official”, more united.

4. Couple vacations

Going on vacation with his or her darling is a very joyful event which, one would not say like that, makes it possible to strengthen the bonds of love! Finally, it’s double or nothing. The change of scenery, nature, the upset daily life, the absence of constraints … Either we get bored and we freak out, or we (re) discover each other, we learn to appreciate new things together and we get a taste for adventure (well at Club Med, it’s relative!)

5. Health problems

And yes, who says important events does not mean happy events, alas! And it is true that illness, even if it weakens physically and morally, can in a way strengthen a loving relationship: people support each other in hardship, try to do themselves good and end up loving each other even more. strong.

6. Moving in together

That’s it, the apartment is found, the papers are signed, the furniture is installed and the boxes ready to be unpacked. What excitement at the start of a new life, two under the same roof! And of course, this is an event that strengthens the couple because now, (almost) everything will be shared. Pay attention only to the routine!

7. Financial problems

As with health problems, although it is a less essential event, financial worries are stressors and stressors that are sometimes difficult to manage. So sometimes it ends up weighing seriously on the couple, sometimes, fortunately, it always binds a little more the lovers who try together to solve their problems and encourage each other.

8. Marriage

Of course, how to talk about important events without talking about marriage ?! Already, the demand alone is an event in itself. And on D-Day, let’s not talk about it! The plans for the future will now materialize and above all, this time we are really committed to each other. Making it official, for some, is the best way to weld your relationship!

9. Mourning

Alas, tragic events can come to obscure the lives of lovebirds. When we lose a loved one (in common), this sad announcement can come to strengthen a couple relationship in that the two lovers will have to do, together, a work of mourning, but will also continue to live, always together, the disappeared being, through the evocation of his qualities, memories, etc.

10. The birth of a child

We often hear that with the arrival of a child, the life of a couple takes a big hit. Yes, of course, it is more difficult to find intimacy, and the vomit in the cleavage is not very exciting. But what could be stronger, more vibrant for a couple than seeing for the first time this little being who looks a little like each of them? Whatever happens, this child will always be that of his parents and through him, their couple will always live …