10 keys, how to conquer a shy, difficult and intelligent girl

1.- If you like a shy girl, agree to invest a lot of time and effort

Achieving the love of a shy woman is not easy at all. Therefore, learning how to conquer a shy girl is your responsibility if you like one of these girls. You will have to adapt to their way of being and accept their eccentricities. You may give up.

There is an infinite variety between slightly shy girls and very shy girls. Sometimes he will tell you that he wants to be alone. Suddenly you can find her so quiet that you won’t know what to do.

How to conquer a shy, difficult and intelligent girl? The most important thing is that you don’t become complacent. That is, do not change to please this girl, be yourself, do not pretend to be someone else.

Just learn to respect your personal space. For shy girls it is the most important thing. Advance as she allows you, as you gain her trust.

2.- How to conquer a shy girl? Taking responsibility for your own happiness

If you think that a shy girl is going to make you happy just because you tell her you like her, you are wrong. She loves her world and won’t admit anyone unless she earns her trust.

How to earn the trust of a shy girl:

– Be very honest, they are very sensitive to lies. If you lie it will be better for you to admit it, so you gain more confidence
– Trust yourself, tell him your things and accept that to gain his trust you will have to overcome many problems
– Be very communicative without questioning his silences . Better ask him, what do you want to talk about.
Be consistent so that she feels safe with you – Do not talk to others about the things she entrusts to you. If they argue, avoid negative ratings. So she will be more open with you
– Better than promising is to do it at the same time as you announce it. And if you promise, that they are things that you can fulfill in the short term
– When she wants to be alone, respect her. She loves her relationship with her friends. Don’t control her, and when she contacts you, respond quickly.

3.- Take care of the way you approach her


The best way to win over a shy girl is to move and talk in a way that makes her feel comfortable. Its comfort is your main challenge. That is why you must move calmly, without haste. A shy girl does not like the limelight.

For a shy girl to feel comfortable she has to move in her comfort zone. You will not accept and you will feel very bad doing something outside of your lifestyle. If you are an extrovert, simply respect their way of being, you do not need to change.

It is not easy for a shy girl to let you enter her core of deepest emotions. Let her choose the places they should hang out.

4.- Find out what the world of shy women is like


Once you know the way a shy girl is, your approach to them will be more successful. Shy girls live in a very rich emotional world that you will have to understand. Therefore, before dating a shy girl you should know:

– In shy girls they are very different and sensitive to common girls
– Being shy does not mean that they do not have a good self
– esteem – They are more very intelligent and exquisite with their tastes
– A shy girl likes to be alone, she is herself their best company
– It can be difficult for them to open up to people, especially the boy they like
– They do not like to be the center of attention under any circumstances
– They pay a lot of attention to details that most go unnoticed
– A shy girl not necessarily looking for a shy guy
– It will take you a long time to get to know her well
– They are the most romantic and passionate among women, a treasure worth waiting for

5.- To make a shy girl fall in love, it is important to enthusiastically accept her personality


A shy girl is insecure around people, but in her particular world, they are very safe. That is why the best way to conquer a shy girl is by validating her world as something wonderful. Don’t ever tell him that he should be more open or more communicative.

In them there is an intellectual and emotional richness that they love and take care of. Consequently, your turn is to recognize and admire that richness. Say things like, you have a wonderful way of looking at life or I like the way you think. Negative opinions about her way of being will harm your approach to her.

6.- To conquer a shy girl, talk about what you love the most

Shy women are very sensitive and highly appreciate male intelligence. They like men with well-defined and differentiated hobbies than ordinary people.

With a shy girl you can be very expressive with those things that you love and like to do. If you like poetry, singing or some art, they will feel very good with you. Well, they love everything that is inner life.

7.- She will put many barriers on you, but it is not to intimidate you

How to fall in love with a shy, difficult and intelligent woman? If you are not the right guy that they can trust, they will not give you access to their life. For that they are going to put you many tests that you have to overcome. If you back down from those tests, you obviously don’t qualify.

Do not be scared if he says no or if things are very difficult for you. Remember that many of these barriers are your way of interpreting what they do. For example, if she is more quiet and strange with you, it is not rejection, rather it is an indicator of interest.

8.- Shy women are very auditory

Men are visual and women are auditory. But shy women are even more sensitive to the things you say to them and how you say it. They will remember every detail of what you tell them.

The good thing about this is that if you achieve their interest you will have very good conversations. Consequently, pay close attention to his reactions while you speak to him.

9.- Do not rush to know her most feminine side

When a man likes a shy woman, he wants to get to her s**xual side as quickly as possible. But if you want to conquer a shy girl you don’t have to rush. They, as a total woman, also dream of a passionate and uninhibited relationship but it is difficult for them to manifest it.

Just let it be as it is. Give up all need for physical contact and aggressive alpha male movements. When they are confident they will open up the sensual richness of their world.

10.- It is important that at the beginning they gain control of the situation

An alpha male who wants to lead from the beginning as the relationship should be, will lose to a shy woman. The best thing to fall in love with a shy woman is to let herself be carried away by the way she poses the relationship.

Do not pressure her over time, do not invade her space demanding her attention. Once she trusts you and falls in love, she will put you in control.

To make a shy woman fall in love, you have to know what you want. Above all, have the clarity of what you are willing to do to achieve it. You have to adapt to the approach that works best with that girl.