10 little everyday things experienced by couples in love

What is love? Vast question! According to Larousse, love is ”  the inclination of one person for another, of a sentimental, passionate nature. “. Or, according to the CNRTL (the National Center for Textual and Lexical Resources … What, you didn’t know?), It is ”  attraction, affective or physical, that due to a certain affinity, a being feels for another being, to which it is united or which it seeks to unite by a generally close bond “…

But apart from these definitions, certainly learned and exact but somewhat theoretical, love is above all something that we experience, that we experience for ourselves, even if we do not always arrive well at it. ‘explain. But what matters, after all, is that this feeling is present! So to try to put your finger on a definition of love (we are still here for that!), The most judicious seems to be looking at what a couple can experience in their daily life: don’t we say that the is in little things? Let’s discover together 10 definitions of love specific to couples.

Love is:

1 / Not being able to prevent annoying the other

Because love also goes through that, we like to tease, jostle the other a little, tickle, annoy, surprise, in short, as many testimonies of the love that we show for his / her darling.

2 / Cuddling in front of the television

Just for the pleasure of being there for each other, against each other…

3 / Being able to sleep together on weekends

The joy of being able to sleep well pressed against your other half, and just to enjoy the present moment.

4 / Waking up next to him/her

Open your eyes and see your love still asleep, there is nothing better to start the day.

5 / his warmth

Feel the heart of the other beat against yours, and want time to stop …

6 / Want attention

Send a small text message, gently push the tip of your nose against the other, while he/she is reading, working or watching TV…

7 / Wake up and discover the SMS he/she wrote to you

When you don’t sleep with your love, it’s always something to smile about when you wake up to see a charming text message from your partner!

8 / Hope that certain things will never change

That you will always remain as accomplices, that you will never take things for granted and that you will always seduce as on the first day.

9 / Make efforts for the other

The other is different, and in the life of a couple, it is sometimes necessary to know how to make concessions (without constantly crashing!), Agree to make efforts, because he/she does it too!

10 / Imagine it present when he/she is not there

Live your day, be at work, at home or away, and imagine being with your love … Because we miss him/her, even if we saw him that morning!