10 Mistakes not to make in your Relationship.

In France, one in two couples ends in divorce …

It’s really sad, when we make a little comeback back and we observe the wishes of each protagonist.

Marriage in itself is not meant to end in divorce, and many could have avoided this disaster by paying attention to a few small aspects, which in any case, are far from trivial.

Whether one is in an emerging relationship or husband and wife for 20 years, love is far from a long, calm river.

There are mistakes not to be made as a couple But do not forgive if they are repetitive.

I take stock with you to access a lasting and sincere love.

Love with a capital “A” yes, but under certain conditions….

Successful relationship through a good understanding of the issues of a couple

Many people get married without really understanding the issue of marriage.

Before, when we got married, it was forever.

And we knew very well that it would be a strong commitment, but also that there would be many compromises to be made.

Today, we live marriage as a lease, if it doesn’t work, well I make it … Not really very serious in my opinion.

More motivated by the party and the dress, we forget that it is for life.

This lightness is found in many areas of our society. At the time of immediate pleasure, kleenex, and ephemeral relationships, we do not want to make efforts and to question ourselves, for anything. 

Even if it hurts and if you have to be unhappy for a short time, you tell yourself that the grass will be greener elsewhere and that the error is human.

Yet beautiful things take time ….

If you want to achieve something and that, in any field, you have to invest, take the time, understand the inner workings of the system, and have a fierce desire to succeed.

Love works! And if you want to have a stable relationship, it is better to know the mistakes not to make as a couple.

It was Rumi who said:

 “Your task is not to seek love, but simply to seek to find the obstacles which you built against love”.

Mistakes not to make as a couple: the top 10

Everyone knows about love failures. Sometimes it’s bad for good because the person didn’t match you.

But sometimes also, it could have worked, except that both of you did not do things correctly.

To finally be happy in love, here are the 10 mistakes to avoid that destroy the couple.

1) Give immediately and without counting

You have just met great love and you are already dreaming of a happy ending at Walt Disney, “they lived happily ever after and had many children”. Only, are you sure it’s the right one?

Before you get carried away and make plans on the comet, make sure he is sincere and wants the same thing as you.

Giving everything away from the start of a relationship is a fatal mistake that can really make you suffer. You don’t know him well enough and he still doesn’t deserve all your love. Don’t be too nice!

2) Forget yourself

Before you were with him, you had a busy life. You went to your dance class, you liked spending time with your friends… Where did this woman go? It is not a judgment, because we are all the same.

Being in love makes us feverish and we want to be glued to him 24 hours a day. But by dint of being one on the other, the relationship suffocates and each loses his personality. It is essential to be able to continue to flourish without your darling.

Especially since it is essential to create lack and desire.

3) Not knowing how to measure your trust

Not to trust is not good. And too much, it’s not going either. In short, we have to find a happy medium.

And by that, I mean confidence in the other, but also confidence in you. The two are linked.

ou are jealous? It may be that you have to do some work on yourself.

In any case, you have to let him breathe, without giving him blind confidence.

4) Forgetting to communicate

We cannot repeat it enough: communication is the basis of everything! One of the worst mistakes not to make as a couple, which can end a beautiful love story. It is essential to move together in the same direction and be on the same wavelength.

Because you have to remember that you are two people in their own right and that desires evolve, even after 15 years.

Having a couple conversation is also necessary to compliment each other, say sweet words, etc. I’m obviously talking about a face-to-face discussion, not on the phone, by text, or via social networks. 

5) Want to change your partner

In the beginning, you liked all the details. It’s very simple: he had no faults! Well, that was before, because the more the relationship evolves and the more these little things annoy you, disappoint you, and you would like it to change.

But let’s be clear on one point: you can’t change a man! Only he can do it if and only if he wants to. It needs a real click.

To talk about the little things that upset him, choose the right time, and especially the right words. 

Hence the importance of choosing your man well from the start.

6) Compare his sentimental relationship with that of others

Is your love story normal? Funny question, but by dint of seeing Hélène and Guillaume kissing all day long, you start to doubt. Because with you, it does not happen like that.

Of course, since no love story is the same! It is human to want to compare yourself, but harmful for your life as a couple. The important thing is to know that you are happy.

And then, we don’t know everything that happens in others …

7) Let the routine take over

If the routine in the couple is inevitable, we can still make sure to break it from time to time. Do not wait for the relationship to gradually deteriorate because it is the “metro, work, dodo”, you do not have time or you are tired.

To maintain the flame, suggest that she go out without the children, put on your best dress and surprise her.

“Ok, Samantha, but why should I make the effort?”. Because it takes one who takes the first step and it’s true, it is often women. But you will see that he will gladly do it later.

8) Take your man for granted

In life, nothing is ever taken for granted. Even if you have been with your man for several years and you are spinning the perfect love, it does not belong to you. And conversely, it’s the same!

Imagining that he will never leave you is one of the worst mistakes not to make as a couple.

Especially since this does not encourage you to make efforts to maintain the relationship. Sometimes putting some distance between you is beneficial.

9) Wanting to go too fast in love

He loves you, you love him… everything is fine in the best of all worlds. So naturally, you want to take the next step in your story. Accommodation, marriage, children …

And what about him? Is it ready? A relationship must be built on solid foundations. And for that, patience is your best ally.

10) give up quickly

As of the first big arguments, you slam the door and you say that it will be better elsewhere. That’s what you think on the spot of anger. Before asking yourself the right questions, wait until the pressure drops.

We are in an era of overconsumption. We take, we get tired, then we throw… a garment, an object, and men.

But in love, you have to fight! Fighting to save your couple, even when you think everything is lost. After overcoming these obstacles together, you will come out of it bigger.