10 Online Dating Tips To Successfully Start A New Romance

Top Online Dating Tips For That First Message

Online dating is not what it used to be. If you said you met your husband online 10 years ago, people would probably think you are a lonely, socially awkward nerd who spends too much time on the internet. But today, almost 80% of people have tried online dating or had an account at least once.

It’s hard to randomly run into your Mr. Right on the street. Online dating platforms give you the best chance of meeting someone who is perfect for you as it can clearly state what you are looking for. No waste of time!

Still, approaching someone on the Internet is different than if you could actually introduce yourself. Being nervous is normal. Now we will give you the top 10 tips when it comes to online dating so you don’t have to worry about saying the most uncomfortable thing when you feel butterflies in your stomach!

1. Read their profile carefully to see what kind of personality they have

Let me make this perfectly clear, this is in no way asking you to be someone you are not by approaching the one you like! You should always be who you are, but you should also remember that when you talk to someone new, it is a courtesy to try to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

If you’re talking to someone super academic and classy, ​​starting the conversation with a homeless joke might not be the best idea, even if you think dark humor is your strongest trait. You definitely want to soften it up so that the person can discover and appreciate your beauty rather than just scaring them off.

Know your audience. If you find that she posts a lot about outdoor activities or that she is always cheerful, try starting the conversation by asking her if she has tried a certain type of sport. If the person is very into music or guitar, ask them what their favorite Pink Floyd album is.

2. Find your common interests or values

Online dating is easier and more difficult than blind dates in real life because it can really go both ways. You have a chance to win the person’s heart. If you say the wrong thing, they could easily ignore you and not respond. But at least you can have all the time you need to build the first line that captures the heart!

Seeing what the two of you have in common is very important. It is always a good way to start a conversation. Ask them what their favorite type of mushroom is if you both love spending time in nature! Finding someone who appreciates your interests is not so easy, especially if you like someone in a niche or are just not a conventional person. Plus, it’s also nice to know that someone shares your love and you can spend the whole night talking about it.

3. Ask a fun but real question that you probably don’t even have the answer to

Starting the conversation with funny jokes is out of date! The new way is to ask a fun but serious question. The question you ask may make the person laugh, but at the same time, the person probably doesn’t know the answer to the question either! You will pique the person’s curiosity to find the answer and at the same time want to get to know the person who asked the question more!

“What is the difference between pepperoni and salami?” That is a question that I have been asking myself for many years. I choose not to google it because I want to see if someone knows the answer with great certainty. And I can tell you, after 5 years, I have not met a single person who can say for sure what that difference is, or they realized that their answer was wrong.

This may be silly humor, but hey, it’s a genuine question and maybe the two of you will figure out the answer.

Top Online Dating Tips For That First Date

First dates can be stressful. You don’t know what to expect. You don’t know how to behave. You don’t even know what you should be doing on your first date. First dates are different for everyone, so to be fair, no single rule can apply to everyone. It is the first time you will meet in life. Anything can happen.

But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can prepare for that special first date of you and your potential future partner in life. Here are some good tips to read before going on your date!

4. Find a date where you can share a conversation

Many people think that the cinema is a good first date because it is dark and romantic. It’s the first time you meet, do you really want to spend 2 hours in a dark room where the two of you have to be silent? They hardly know each other and will probably end up wondering if they should give any reaction throughout the entire movie.

The point of meeting for the first time is to get to know each other better to see if they are really compatible! If you have to go the entire date without talking to each other, you better go home and text!

Go out and talk to your date. Take a hike if you are both a nature enthusiast, or walk through a book fair if you both share an interest in words. Always look for a date where you can really talk and get to know each other. You don’t want to end your date night without knowing anything else about that person you just dated!

5. Choose the right outfit

Depending on what you will be doing on your first date, choosing the right outfit is very important. You can be a careless person and believe that this is your charisma and that the person should like you for it. Of course, this is true, in the end, they may love you for who you are. However, you must know where you are right now.

If the person invites you to a classy downtown opera and you show up in baggy jeans and a capped hoodie, it’s not about who you are anymore, it’s disrespectful, period. It is very important to know what you will do. You need to show your date that you respect yourself and, of course, him/her.

You don’t have to dress like you’re going to a Christmas ball, but definitely know where you are and what you’ll be doing before deciding what to wear on that special night!

6. Bring a small gift

Something as small as a rose can go a long way. It’s a nice gesture that everyone loves and will definitely add more brownie points! You don’t have to get something fancy or expensive as you don’t want to make it look like you’re trying to buy your date and a nice gesture shouldn’t cost you your house.

Homemade chocolate is always a good idea. He’s thoughtful and sweet and will definitely put a smile on your date’s face!

Best Online Dating Tips For An Impressionable First Conversation

Once you’ve decided what to do on your first date, you’ll need to think about the opening line when you first meet. Should I start with a joke? Or should I ask about his day? There is always uncertainty.

Here we will give you some ideas on what to talk about to surprise your date!

7. Talk about the best part of your life and then ask about theirs

You don’t want to spend the night just talking to yourself or your date. You want to liven up the atmosphere! Tell your date the best part of your life, something that will make you smile, and then let them talk about theirs!

8. Avoid challenging what your quote says all the time

Some people love to argue, it’s understandable. But rarely do people like a “know-it-all.” If your date has something to share but you don’t agree, instead of going straight to it and telling her she’s wrong. Try to package it as if you’ve heard it differently elsewhere and would like to know more about why your date believes in a certain way.

Respect is important. You barely know your date, so you certainly don’t want her to feel stupid because from what you know, maybe she’s the smart person!

9. Ask some personal questions

There are always questions best to ask before the two of you become officers because then, you’re just chatting, no responsibility, no pressure!

Ask them how their previous relationships ended and why. What do you think is important and how do you see relationships? Be understanding when asking these questions. Your date will see that you actually see something in them instead of having them around to pass the time. You can create an image of yourself that you can commit to and want something from her if you find the right one. That is very important if both of you are looking for something serious.

10. Talk about your dreams

You don’t need to know what you’ll be doing in 10 years, but everyone has a dream. Share that! It’s all about being personal and sensitive when you’re on a date! You share and talk about your life!

Tell your date what you want to do in the next 5 years and your dreams. Opening up is the key to letting someone in. This will help your date feel closer to you and create a bond between you.

The etiquette of online dating

Online dating begins by talking to strangers, people you have never met in your life. The key is to stay positive and not let people put you off, even when they are rude or just ignore you. You meet all kinds of different people in real life, just like on the internet.

Always be nice to the people you talk to because even if you don’t end updating, you might end up finding a good friend in life!


If you are still afraid of dating online, remember that every day, more and more people are enjoying the most romantic moment of their life, thanks to online dating! It is never easy to meet someone you don’t know. It can be overwhelming since you just have no idea what to expect.

These 10 tips are definitely a good start for you to think about how you want to present yourself and who you want to be with your date. Go out there and make someone as happy as you! Good luck!