10 original ways to say I love you to your man

“I love you” is a small sentence in size, but big in what it provokes in the other when he hears it! What if, so that our Darling remembers our first “I love you” all his life, we declared our love to him in an original way to surprise him a little?

Here are the 10 unusual ways to say “I love you” to her man.

  1. With lipstick

Writing “I love you” on the bathroom mirror with our favorite red, it shows him that not only do we love him, but that we are also ready to sacrifice some of our Dior makeup just for him. !

  1. With mist

Another more economical alternative: after taking a hot shower, there is often a lot of steam on the bathroom mirror. And long before it’s gone, we’re going to write “I love you” on the mirror with our fingers. That way, the next time Darling comes out of his hot shower and there is still steam, he will see the message appear as if by magic!

  1. With a valentine card

Except that we will offer it on August 28 or May 4! An off-season Valentine’s card always has its effect …

  1. On his car

When our partner’s car is super dirty, instead of writing “SALE” with the dust, we will write a nice “I love you”. Funny and quirky, but it’ll give her one more reason to leave her all dirty.

  1. In his book

When he’s not there, we’ll take his book and write “I love you” on his bookmark. That way, he’ll have a nice surprise the next time he opens it!

  1. With a fried egg

On the internet, you can now easily find heart-shaped fried egg mussels. Ideal for a breakfast in a bed full of surprises and gluttony! You can also cut pieces of chorizo ​​in the shape of a heart and serve him a slice of pizza like nothing. Love and cooking always go well!

  1. With a text

When we spend an evening with our sweetheart and we have never said “I love you” to him before, we often feel a little stressed. To play down a bit, what if we took advantage of him having gone to wash his hands to send him a love text? And when he comes back, we say, casually: “I think you received a text, who is it?” “.

  1. With a coffee-heart

Learning to draw a heart with the milk froth on the coffee, it still throws a max, and it’s more effective than a bouquet of flowers or an assortment of chocolates … Well, to be sure of don’t miss it, we go on the internet, we choose a tutorial, and we train before! Otherwise, we make a stenciled heart in a sheet of paper, and we sprinkle with icing sugar or cocoa, it’s less hassle!

  1. In the snow

Writing “I love you” on the fine sand of a beach, it’s true that it’s romantic, but often, we have the opportunity to do it only on vacation. And the rest of the year? Well, we’re going to play with the seasons! In winter, it is written in snow, and in autumn, in the mud. Uh, maybe we’ll stick to snow in fact …

  1. On a banner hanging from an airplane

Ok, it’s not really original, but apart from in the movies, it never happens, so it may still surprise our dear and tender!