10 phrases that always provoke arguments

The sentences kill love in the couple!

In the couple, there are sentences that should absolutely be avoided at the risk of generating a big argument, because they can very quickly raise the tone. If you want a peaceful love life with your sweetheart, never take this selection of phrases out of your mouth when you are with her.

1. “Are you on your period? “

When a woman is mad at her man, she doesn’t like him to blame it on her hormones or her period. This should be avoided at the risk of causing an endless quarrel. This is also the case for the phrase “Aren’t you feeling well?” This suggests that she is pissed off and irrational, even sick. You have been warned!

2. “I didn’t have this kind of problem with my ex”

The most sensitive subject to never bring up during a relationship discussion is certainly exes. In addition, it is disloyal, and it immediately makes you think that many have been there before. If your ex is as great as the woman who is here now, why not stay by her side.  Your girlfriend doesn’t have to change her attitude to be like your ex.

3. “Your mother is …”

When you criticize your own parents, it’s up to you, but the game changes when you start picking on your girl’s. Better to avoid, because for everyone, mom is sacred, we have the right to criticize as much as we want, but not the others, even the person who makes our little hearts beat. In principle, whatever happens in your relationship, never attack the other’s family, very slippery ground!

4. “Are you dating someone else?” 

Even if your chick is cheating on you, she’s never going to admit it, so no need to take that sentence out so as not to cause damage. Plus, it really makes you look paranoid. Mistrust, suspicion, and unhealthy jealousy are the factors that cause problems in the couple. When in doubt, forward your sweetheart, but don’t accuse her until you have tangible evidence, as this is the best way to get her to commit the irreparable.

5. “Pasta again?” 

If you don’t like what your girlfriend made for dinner, it’s simple, take to the stove to cook the dishes you want. Plus, there’s nothing more unbearable than seeing the other one arrive just in time and sit down to the table and then complain about the service. What is certain is that this sentence is to be avoided if you do not want to spend days making your face.

6. “Have you changed your cut? “

When your girl hasn’t done anything to her hair, but you feel like something has changed, and you notice, she quickly gets mad. This also applies to the rest of her appearance. This implies that it has been a while since you last laid eyes on her and that you just realized that she is not as ugly as you might imagine. The best way to avoid all discord is to launch a compliment that does not imply anything like: “You are always so beautiful! ”

7. “You are very beautiful today! “

She made herself beautiful by buying new clothes and spending hours at the hairdresser and the beautician because you are going out. Your first reaction when you see her is to compliment her by saying that she is very beautiful today. The poor thing, your mistake is to insert the word “today” in this sentence, because what she hears is that every day she is not beautiful. Avoid, or at least remove the word that will screw it up.

8. “Who are you talking to? “

When she sends a message or stays glued to her phone, it inevitably piques your curiosity, and you can’t help but ask who she is talking to, because you immediately think that she is cheating on you or that she is arguing with her ex. Your little question will immediately generate a very big argument. If you can’t watch her do it without saying a word, tactfully and calmly ask who she is texting with. If she has nothing to hide, it’s not going to end up in conflict.

9. “Are you sure you want chocolate or fries?” 

Questionable sentences that refer to her little complexes like the pounds or what she eats are to be avoided if you do not want to get into endless arguments. Surely you only think of helping her, because you know how much she is in pain for having an hourglass figure, but she doesn’t see it like that. If she’s tightening up, know that she’s already weighed the pros and cons, and this little thought will only upset her.

10. “You were less boring before”

This is the worst sentence you should never pronounce, which she will answer: “You were less stupid before”, and it will not stop there, it is the dispute guaranteed for the future. To build a solid story, there is nothing better than accepting the good and bad qualities of the other. In the same vein, never compare your girlfriend with the perfect woman who only exists in your imagination!