10 phrases to never say on a first date

Being honest is good. But not all truth is good to say. Especially on a first date. So, if you want a second one, avoid using the next 10 sentences.

1 – It’s always me who gets dumped

It’s crazy that. I never manage to keep a guy for more than three weeks, I have the gift of scaring them away! Maybe it will be different with you?

2 – Do you want to get married? Have kids?

The history that I do not waste my time. You might as well know it quickly. Except on the first date, it’s still a bit early.

3 – And if not, how much do you earn?

Because in vain we say, it’s the money that allows us to go on vacation and treat ourselves to pretty things.

4 – I told my parents about you. They can’t wait to meet you

I even showed them pictures. They approve of my choice!

5 – I slept with 60 guys

I know, normally, that is not said. But I want to be honest and tell you everything about me.

6 – My ex dumped me because I was too boring

Yes, I prefer to warn you, I’m a hell of a bother! I’m always looking for the little beast and I mess around for nothing.

7 – I have seen a shrink for three years

Because I am a little lost in my life, I need to be guided. Sometimes I have panic attacks too. So I take anxiolytics.

8 – Who are you writing to?

Normally, guys already hate being asked these kinds of questions, but then, on the first date, when you‘ve known him for an hour …

9 – The problem is that I get attached too quickly …

And that’s why my ex dumped me. Except that, needless to tell him, he will realize it soon enough…

10 – What’s your star sign?

The history that I see if we are compatible.