10 profiles of couples we all know

Between the couple who spend their time taking selfies, the couple who are completely silly, and the one who swears only by rock, we have plenty to do. Even if we adore our friends as a couple, we must admit that sometimes they take our eyes out.

1 – The fusional couple

It’s crazy, it looks like they are stuck to each other. We can never see them separately, even when it comes to going to buy new panties with our friend. We’ve already pointed it out to her but all she comes out is “I love her so much, we can’t let go.” Help! Just seeing them, you suffocate.

2 – The couple selfie

This one is particularly unbearable. The two lovebirds take a selfie in every situation of their life. “Selfie concert,” McDonald’s selfie “,” youhouuu selfie at Leclerc with my darling “. Seriously? When will a selfie go up in the air?

3 – The plan-plan couple

What do they love? Spend most of their time at home. To do nothing. Finally if, watching series while eating junk in their tracksuit. When you see them, they look like they’re bored like dead rats. Let’s say they get bored, but two.

4 – The associative couple

Not really in love, they are just two people who have decided to share their lives to accomplish various projects. Going around the world, setting up a business… Because together, we go further.

5 – The independent couple

It is quite the opposite of the fusional couple. These two never do anything together. Outings with friends, trips, sports activities… They do everything on their own. The worst part is that they each have their own apartment. Suddenly, we wonder what they do together!

6 – The social couple The social

couple likes to go to chic evenings to get noticed. Then, we can admire a whole bunch of photos on social networks…

7 – The rock fan couple

These two never miss a rock concert! Not only do they like all the group photos that appear on Facebook, they also spoil our newsfeed with the ones they took themselves.

8 – the silly couple

This is THE perfect couple completely ass. Monsieur and Madame give each other nicknames to vomit, like “my little sugar darling”, “my little kitty” … and do not let go of a sole. Yuck!

9 – The stuck couple

When we see these two, we want to tell them to fart. Him, always adorned with his bow tie, she always decked out in her ultra-wise schoolgirl pleated skirt. They only talk about serious things. If you bring up the subject of s**x, they switch rooms.

10 – The couple 30 years apart

“I can’t come tonight, Bertrand wants to go to bed early, he’s exhausted”. Of course, Bertrand is 60 years old, she is 30. They don’t have the same desires, not the same life plans, but they love each other anyway.