10 profiles of guys we love to hate

Sometimes when meeting a boy, a small red light will flash in our brain mode “attention, danger, do not go!”

Unfortunately, it’s stronger than us: faced with certain profiles of boys who are absolutely not made for us, we can not help but succumb. Even if deep down, we know that it will end in fits of tears and one-liter jars of ice cream …

A small anthology of 10 profiles of guys that we should avoid every time!

  1. THE handsome kid.

We love it … The perfect cross between Ryan Gosling (for the face), Orlando Bloom (for the physical), and David Beckham (for the hair), THE handsome kid is simply perfectly hot.

Only problem: 100% of the girls think like us, it is ultra-courted! The dates, he has only to bend down to pick them up. Suddenly, he does not know our first name, nor our existence, and that suits him very well.

  1. The smooth talker.

We love him … To listen to him, we are the most beautiful, the smartest, the funniest, he does not understand why we are single, he is sure that he would take care of us. The dream!

The only problem: his speech is too good to be true. The proof? He released exactly the same to Julie, Tiphaine, Stéphanie, Eva, Karine, Marlène …

  1. Mister “it’s okay”.

We love it … With him, nothing is serious: the 500 € that we have just slammed into a bag while we are in the open, the leak of our washing machine, the big shouting with our best girlfriend. He teaches us to de-stress, and suddenly, we are more Zen.

The only problem: he has been vegetating at work for 10 years, his apartment is a slum, he surfs on shady sites … it smells a bit of loss and lack of ambition all that!

  1. The football fan.

We love him … Always enthusiastic, always playful, super-sociable, the football fan is a very dynamic specimen with whom we never get bored. And since he usually plays soccer, he’s super muscular!

The only problem: between the evenings where he trains, those where he goes to watch the match in bars, and those where he invites 10 friends to our home to watch the match, we rarely see him … In addition, he wears regularly football shirts outside the stadiums.

  1. The geek.

    We love him … When he talks about Pokemon or World of Warcraft, he is so passionate that it makes us melt … And since he knows how to wait 5 hours in front of a store before the release of the last Call Of Duty, he tells us includes at the time of sales.

    The only problem: he talks more to his networked playmates than to us. And then his Mario Bros t-shirts, it’s going 5 minutes …

    1. The adventurer.

    We love him … Muscular, tanned, tattooed, polyglot, and resourceful, the adventurer is the backpacker and virile guy par excellence. With him, we feel reassured, and his stories from around the world always make us dream.

    Only problem: it is just when we were starting to get attached that he announces to us that he is leaving for 8 months in Sri Lanka. Alone, of course.

    1. The tortured artist.

    We love him … Dark, flayed alive, misunderstood, the tortured artist is the guy we want to protect. To become the muse who will finally succeed in making him smile, and say goodbye to his demons.

    The only problem: he loves to tell us about his torments for hours on end so that we can console or pity him; but we, when we are not well, we should especially not count on him to cheer us up.

    1. The party animal.

    We love it … Youhou, it’s been a while since we last went out like this! With him, we go to bed at 7 am, we get up at 4 pm, in short, we find a second youth.

    The only problem: we’ve been doing the same thing for 3 weekends in a row: going out until 5 a.m., coming home dead drunk, throwing up all day Sunday, and going to work in corpse mode on Monday. In addition, he never tells us “I love you” other than 4 grams.

    1. The retarded teenager.

    We love him … Finally, a guy who agrees with us when we say that at 30, we don’t want to buy a house in the country, to get married, to have babies, and to have a labrador. With him, we live in carefree mode, and that feels good.

    The only problem: the retarded teenager combines the faults of the party animal and the man, that’s okay. And in addition, he lives either with his parents or in a roommate with a rather shady friend …

    1. Sir “I will never settle down”.

    We love it … It’s stronger than us: facing a guy who tells us he’s not looking for a stable relationship, that it’s just for an evening or two, that he’s not sentimentally available or otherwise, we put ourselves in challenge mode, and we tell ourselves that we are going to make him change his mind quickly.

    Only problem: after 3 calls and 5 texts, he replies that he is sorry, that he had been very clear, and that he really wasn’t looking for a long-term story. And even if we can only blame us, we hate it!