10 profiles of men who don’t deserve you

Nothing worse than meeting a guy, building a relationship, developing it … and realizing 5 months later that in fact, the boy in question did not suit us at all, and that we lost our time !

To help us sort things out, Here are 10 profiles of men who do not deserve us, to skip right now!

  1. The guy who has no words

Great: this weekend, Martin promised to take us to see his family in Marseille, to show us the creeks and the old port. Yeh! Except that at the last minute, he tells us that this weekend, he is going with his friends to tour the Grand Dukes. What if suddenly, we planned to dump this guy who talks a lot, but who acts very little?

  1. The guy who doesn’t want to be in a relationship

He swears it to us: he finds us beautiful, witty, cultured, funny, he loves spending time with us, and he dreams of us every night. Only problem: he is afraid that once in a relationship, the magic of the relationship will disappear. Uh, actually, he just wants to sleep with us, right?

  1. The compulsive moaner

He is handsome, manly, funny, enthusiastic, and charming, but the big catch with him is that there is always something wrong: people who drive badly, the rain falling outside, the foot of the coffee table which is badly fixed … Everything is an excuse to complain, and all the time. So at first, it’s funny, but at the end, it always undermines our morale. Go out!

  1. The guy who hides us from his friends

When you’re in a relationship with a boy and after 5 months, you’ve never met a single friend, it’s always a bit of a bad sign … Wouldn’t he have one thing or two to hide from us by any chance?

  1. The guy who swears to us that he will soon leave his girlfriend for us

But not this week, because she has an important date for work. But not next month, because it’s her birthday. And not in 6 months either, because they’ve been planning a trip for a long time. So, do we stop there?

  1. The guy who never starts

Him, it’s been 4 months that he turns around us and courted us kindly, that he makes us half-word statements, that he makes understand to all the guys who tell us that it’s the preserve. And yet, he never passes the second, for fear of rushing things. Well, if he hasn’t made up his mind for a while, it’s because he hasn’t really realized how much we were worth!

  1. The guy who always procrastinates

But yes, he will introduce us to his parents in a few weeks. But yes, he’s going to ask us in marriage, when he gets his raise. But yes, he will buy a house with us when real estate is more favorable. OMG, in fact, it is an engagementophobic!

  1. The guy who kisses badly

If we let things go further with a guy who polishes our teeth and chin as soon as he kisses us, we can only blame ourselves when we realize that in addition, this is a very bad move!

  1. The nerdy-cynical-disillusioned guy

So of course, he knows even more words than an encyclopedia, his general knowledge knows no bounds, and the slightly jaded look he poses on the world makes him devilishly s**xy (not to mention his pretty distinguished face!). But as soon as he speaks to us, it’s always with that little touch of condescension, like “I would dream of having a mind as basic as yours”. Go Nietzsche, go see elsewhere if I am there!

  1. The guy who never calls us

So him, it’s crazy: he’s very good at sending us texts and s**xting, but as soon as we give him a call or ask him to call us, we can be sure that he will play dead for a few hours. In fact, we don’t even understand why we keep it in our directory … Next!