10 proofs of love that show that your partner loves you

As much as they can tell us I love you, sometimes we need more evidence to show us that what our partner feels for us is real and we look for tangible proof of love in the daily life of the relationship.

Would you like to discover if his love for you is hidden in the little details? Do not miss our article: we give you some clues.

Tests of love that your partner can show

Check if these details are part of your daily life as a couple.

1. Small things to see you happy

Does he surprise you with proposals that seem tailored to your tastes? Do you turn everyday moments into something to remember with small gestures designed to make you feel good? Looking to see your smile when you find a hidden gift where you least expect it?

If so, believe us, you don’t need many more proofs of love to prove that they really are there for you: When a person tries so hard to contribute to the happiness of their partner, of course, it is love that mediates between you.

2. Start conversations of interest to both of you regularly

Accustomed to the fact that we are usually the ones who address the issues that affect us both, the fact that he is proactive with what is important to take care of the relationship will not go unnoticed.

If you notice that he regularly brings up the issues that can determine that things go better between you in conversation, do the well-deserved reading of it that he really does care that things go great together.

3. Listen carefully when you speak to him

One of the most authentic proofs of love that can be in a man is that he listens carefully when you speak to him.

What for us is something natural and almost inherent to our gender, such as talking at length about existential issues, is not something that is typical of the male gender, and if the issue also concerns him in some way it can be especially complicated to stay receptive and collected while listening to you.

If your partner has the virtue of temperance and makes it available to listen to your words, do not doubt that that person is worth it.

4. You’re part of his future plans 

Although within a couple it is common to make plans together to enjoy moments of leisure, travel, etc., there are other types of future approaches that have a more transcendental weight for both, such as living together or taking other steps together than involve a higher level of commitment.

If during those moments when one of these issues is in the air and, when addressing it, he refers to you as the architects of those steps of life, do not doubt that unconsciously he sees himself with you carrying it out, and it is because he really you are the person with whom you want to materialize it.

5. Show his love for you openly to anyone

Although what happens between the members of a couple is something that does not have to be shown beyond its two members, when one of the two expresses their feelings towards the other openly before others it is clear that love overflows everywhere.

If you are looking for proof of love that shows you that your partner loves you, this may be one of the signs you have been waiting for. Enjoy it.

6. He worries about how you feel

Each person should take responsibility for their own emotions, as something that falls to themselves to be able to manage them if necessary. But when a person really matters to us, we cannot be indifferent to their feelings.

When you are worried, sad, too quiet, something strange perhaps or anything that indicates to someone who knows you well that something is happening to you and you are not well, if they are interested in your state and turn to help you to be better again or to seek solutions for problems, you don’t need more proof of love.

7. Try to share time with you

The current pace of life does not facilitate having plenty of time to get to everything we would like, before which we have no choice but to prioritize in our daily tasks, sometimes leaving certain activities out of our reach that we would like to be able to enjoy.

If in the midst of all that daily maelstrom your partner does the impossible to be able to share with you as much time as possible, even propose to share a hobby together in order to bond more with each other, value their efforts beyond the results because it really is saying I love you with these gestures.

8. Strives to resolve your differences

Neither perfect couples exist nor if they existed they would lack differences of vision or conflicts. In fact, these differences can be very enriching for both, since well managed they can serve to bring mutual growth to each other.

But above all, pay attention to how he reacts when those clashes or conflicts appear in which you and he defend different and even opposite positions. Is he immovable defending his truth as unique, or on the contrary, does he listen to what you can contribute and try to make approaches between your positions?

If the last case is yours, you can already be happy with the type of communication that you share with your partner; that effort on his part is one of the irrefutable proofs of love.

9. Doesn’t make you feel like you don’t do much for him

It is not just a matter of assessing how accommodating your partner can be with you, since he could be generating an unbalanced situation with his excess of attention that can be used in his favor at any given moment, such as reproaching you for not doing something for him when He constantly showers you with attention and pressures you with that argument.

A person who really loves you does not seek to give rise to that situation, nor does the opposite. Rather, it defends the balance in which the two members of the couple sit in a situation of equal opportunities and well-being, sometimes giving priority to your preferences and others assertively expressing their wishes.

10. He’s your No. 1 admirer

And finally, think of the times he brags about you or intimately recognizes you openly the admiration he feels for this or that personal aspect of you.

An assessment as positive as it is honest about yourself by your partner is one of the proofs of love that fulfills us the most. If you know what we are talking about and it is something you can boast about, do not doubt the authenticity of their feelings any longer and enjoy the luck you are to have someone with you who loves you that way.