10 proofs that you are dating your future husband

Men with whom you have shared good times, there have been several. But none have capsized your heart like your current lover. From the first glance, you felt that with him, it would be different, and that you could go far together, very far … The proof by ten.

1 – With him, you can be yourself

With your previous friends, you were still in detention. “If I send him this, he’ll be scared”, “if I show him that I’m a little crazy, he’ll run away” … With him, you are spontaneous, liberated, you say things as you feel them, without any barriers. And that feels great.

2 – He is your best shot

Nice nights, you have experienced several in the past. But there was still something missing. The bodies fit together badly, the skins didn’t attract each other, in short, the chemistry was not there. With him, it is osmosis, fusion. As soon as you see him, you have only one desire: to undress him so that he makes love to you, there, now, right away. He is the first to give you so much pleasure, the first with whom you fully assume your desires.

3 – You trust him blindly

With your exes, you were worried all the time. You spied on them on social media, you harassed them with texts to find out where they were, with whom. In short, you were not at ease. On the contrary, you blindly trust your partner. You have never been so serene. So much so that when he gets picked up in a club in front of your eyes, you feel pride. Because this handsome kid is yours and he won’t betray you.

4 – You have the same projects

For a relationship to work over the long term, you have to have the same life plans, common desires. He wants children, too. He wants to get married, too. He does not want to live abroad but loves to travel … In short, if you see the future in the same way, there is a good chance that your story will last.

5 – He makes you laugh

Humor is a weapon of mass seduction. And he handles it like no one else! When you’re down, he’s the only one who can make you laugh. You like his humor, as bad as it is. He has the gift of coming out with words, expressions, sentences, which make you smile.

6 – He reassures you

Unlike your exes who were either too marshmallow or too bad boys, your lover is the perfect balance between the two: manly on the outside, tender on the inside. With him, you feel protected and you have the impression that nothing can happen to you.

7 – He is caring and considerate

While your exes blew hot and cold, they played crazy lovers one day and total indifference the next, he is always attentive and considerate. Instead of bombarding you with text messages to keep you warm, he calls you. In short, he’s a man, not a kid with boiling hormones.

8 – He’s your best friend

With him you can talk about everything without embarrassment. He is your best friend, your confidant, your lover, your protector… In short, he is all in one. You can tell anything and everything, be tipsy in front of him, dance like crazy, clearly express your opinions, he will never judge you negatively.

9 – He would make a great dad

Until now, this idea had never crossed your mind. But when you see how he behaves around you, you conclude that he would make a great dad. That of your children.

10 – Your parents love him

We can say, it’s still super important that our parents have a good relationship with our guy. While they always found something to complain about with your exes, this one, they love him! They see him as the ideal son-in-law, which is a good sign …