10 qualities of a man that women like

The qualities that immediately appeal to women!

The man of the 21st century no longer needs to have the same qualities as a man of the Middle Ages so your ability to fight with your bare hands or with a sword no longer excites the fairer gender. Some might say it’s a shame, but so much the better for the thousands of guys who think that having a brain is much better for facing life than muscles. If you want to win a woman’s heart, here are the most important qualities you will need to focus on.

1. be confident

Women enjoy the company of confident men. They don’t need an uncertain guy who doesn’t dare to take decisions and risks and just follow them like a little doggie following his mistress. Granted, you won’t be submissive to a woman, but be confident in whatever you do, and no matter what, always keep your head up.

2. be direct

When you have a problem at work or with your buddies, or you just get bored, say so directly. Open up to your girlfriend or someone close to you instead of moping alone in your corner. If you keep that feeling in you, it will get bigger, and in the end, everything will explode.

3. always be available

Your schedule is filled with work, nights out with friends, family life and the gym, but remember you have a girlfriend. Find niches to spend time with her. What you’ll need to do is prioritize, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to let your family down all the time to be with her.

4. always be a good seducer

Seducers all have one thing in common: they know how to take care of themselves, and women really appreciate this quality. They spend hours in the bathroom getting beautiful, and they don’t ask you to do the same, just remember to look after your appearance. Also, always keep in shape and eat well. By doing sports regularly, your tone will only be better once in bed.

5 pay attention

If your girl tells you about her worries at work or with her girlfriends, it’s not to ruin your day. She knows she can count on you to help her with everything she does, and by speaking with you, she wants you to listen to what she has to say and help her. So, if your girl comes to sit next to you to say things to you while you play on your console, put down your controllers, and listen carefully to what she is saying.

6. be respectful

Respect is important, whether it’s your girl, your entourage or yourself. Don’t get mad at your girlfriend when you’re not thinking the same thing. Always treat her with respect, and try to understand what is wrong with her point of view. But also be respectful to yourself and your body. Don’t indulge in junk food every day, it’s disrespecting your health.

7. be a dreamer

Don’t settle for the life you have now, try to see beyond the tip of your nose, and aim higher. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the moment, because it is very important. Always remember that life is like an upside down escalator so if you don’t make an effort to move forward you will go backward.

8. be funny

For women, a funny guy is worth all the gold in the world because he makes them feel naturally comfortable, and she’s more relaxed around them. If you know how to make your girlfriend laugh, for her, it’s because you’re not afraid of being ridiculous. She doesn’t ask you to play as Gad Elmaleh every time or to be a valve machine, but having a sense of humor will help her lay down her weapons and lower her threshold of vigilance. Also, don’t clown when you need to be serious.

9.Be green

Women appreciate men who are respectful of the environment, it is undoubtedly a maternal instinct, they want to protect the world in which their children will live. So be green, no need to wash your car twice a week, think about the water you waste. In short, respect nature and the world around you.

10.Be romantic

Being romantic does not mean breaking the bank to give her gifts all the time, a bouquet of flowers regularly without her expecting it will make her happy. The goal is for you to have lots of little touches for her. A little massage will also please her, as will a little hug from time to time to remind her how much you love her. It’s that simple!