10 Reasons to Never Run After a Man

Before you start listening to highly practical life lessons about chasing a man, you deserve kudos for breaking the stereotype in the first place.

Many people are under the impression that it is the job of men to “go on the hunt” and desperately run after the woman they can’t stop thinking about.

Consequently, the woman finds she has to play “hard to catch” and secretly enjoy all the attention she gets from men, only to give in when the man stops chasing her.

However, times have changed.

With changing social norms and increasing online connectivity, men have decided that now is the time to let women run after them, while they decide to act demure, playing hard to get.

The male ego, in this case, is the least of your problems.

As a woman, you see that the problem is that men have forgotten the delicate art of persuasion and flirting.

As a result, women feel frustrated and end up making decisions and attitudes that are not favorable to them.

Many examples have shown that women have gotten nowhere when they decide to run after a man who thinks he is unconquerable.

The relationship ends up ending, either because of the gigantic battle of egos or because of small disagreements.

Instead, it is better to preserve all your effort and self-respect.

If that didn’t convince you, here are 10 very valid reasons that will convince you to finally stop chasing him.

1. Chasing Him Destroys Your Self-Esteem.

You would be absolutely surprised if you knew the number of women who suffer from self-esteem issues.

In fact, you don’t even need something super traumatic to happen to you to develop serious self-esteem issues.

Running after a man who doesn’t seem to love you is one of those subtle things that doesn’t seem like a big deal to other people but hurts you inside.

You think he’s not repaying your efforts because you don’t deserve his attention.

Well, you don’t deserve to feel this way.

Losing your self-confidence is much worse than losing a guy who doesn’t love you.


 2. If You Have To Run After Him, He’s Not That Into You.

By the way, you have to understand that if you chase him, and he’s not interested, chances are he’ll never be interested in you.

This is a truth that has to be told at one time or another.

It might sound like a broken record to say this, but the truth is, men generally don’t like the drama and suspense that comes when the woman is desperately chasing them.

If a man likes you, he knows you have at least one thing in common.

Running after him, in addition to not giving any result, will also belittle his dignity for having wasted time with someone who will never be reciprocal.

3. He’s Suspicious, Dishonest, And You Deserve Better.

Sometimes love makes us do stupid things.

It’s safe to assume that the guy you’ve been chasing for so long is an idiot, because if he were a good, understandable, honest man, he’d tell you to your face that he’s not interested.

There’s nothing wrong with talking face to face.

In fact, that kind of rejection is way better than watching him take advantage of you, knowing you’ll never stop chasing him.

4. You Miss The Opportunity To Spend Time With People Who Really Really Love You.

This works in two ways.

First, you’re so busy chasing the guy, you end up not even remembering that there are people who care about you and enjoy your company.

You miss the opportunity to have fun and create good memories with your friends and family.

Second, your friends start avoiding you, because you’ve already made it very clear that you’d rather suffer and spend your time chasing this guy.

No one close to you will like this.


5. You Start Analyzing Too Much And Become Paranoid.

When you run after a man, with no control over your instincts and feelings, you become overly analytical with everything he does and says… and that takes a toll on you.

You become paranoid and anxious because you think that anything he posts on social media, any text message he sends, and any change in behavior has some ulterior motive.

You think you need to become a professional relationship investigator to find out exactly what he’s thinking and his intentions, because they could be to harm you or manipulate you.

This peak of paranoia can make you do something stupid.

6. You Get Burned Out For The Wrong Reasons.

Yes, when you have a crush, everyone teases you and gets involved in that crush in a way… it’s nice to imagine being with someone to marry and be together for the rest of your life.

On the other hand, you also get very tired, and tired quickly (although you never admit it to yourself).

You start doing things like sleeping with your cell phone to your ear, getting extremely anxious when he talks to you, and staying online all night if he is too.

What’s the solution? Let life happen.

Stop chasing him and let fate write your story.

7. You practically become a stalker and end up pushing him even further away.

Let’s look at the situation from his point of view.

Most men don’t like persistent girls who are constantly texting, stalking on the street or on social media, nor do they like that they talk about a future together.

Nobody likes to be chased and he will treat you like a stalker if you keep chasing him.

This will only make him even more impossible… and he will have a very different idea of ​​you.

8. Chasing After Him Means Creating The Basis For A Huge Broken Heart.

It may sound very sad, but running after him will likely make you heartbroken.

Running after doesn’t make him like you and doesn’t save any relationship.

He’s going to move on with his life, and you’re going to continue that sad lonely stalker.

In this scenario, you will have to deal with the worst kind of heartbreak: An unrequited love.

It’s best to prevent this scenario by making a decision never to chase a man.

Instead, leave your options open.

You miss the opportunity to have true love when you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist.

9. He Might Not Be As Sensational As You Thought.

On some occasions, it can happen that a man is reciprocal and ends up loving you after you chased him so much.

And when that finally happens, you even cry with joy.

However, you’ll find that once you get closer to him and get to know him better, he’s not quite the extraordinary person you expected.

This can lead to a very difficult relationship because you won’t be sure the relationship will work out… even before the courtship starts.

It’s best to avoid it all and move on.

10. It’s Your Job To Resurrect The Practice Of Chivalry.

For men, it is a universal requirement to go back to the time when they were true gentlemen.

The art of chivalry is dying because women are now chasing men, giving men an excuse to sit back and relax.

When all the women stop chasing men, they’ll realize they’re not going to get girlfriends and wives with a kiss.

So, in order to resurrect gentleman men, it is absolutely necessary to stop chasing, even if you are very, very interested in him.

The feeling of heartbreak is not cool at all, or even worse, dating him because he feels sorry for you, just the guy you thought was the love of your life.

Let fate write your story.

The least you can do is stop chasing the guy because if you have to, he’s most definitely not “the one”.