10 reasons we do not love each other anymore

Relationships require work: caring for love, maintaining trust and cultivating respect. Nobody wants to be taken for granted, betrayed or misunderstood. It is easy to fall in love, the hardest thing is to stay and to engage with your companion for eternity.

We stop communicating

At the beginning of the relationship, we share a lot of things and that’s how we fall in love. Unfortunately, the more time passes, the more the communication diminishes. According to an American psychologist, a relationship can be altered in 4 ways: criticism, lack of respect (sarcasm and insults), being on the defensive and resistance to others (silence, result of the three previous ones). One stops communicating because one is afraid to annoy the other by asking questions and almost all the discussions end with a dispute.

We feel invisible

After a few years, couples naturally start to take each other for granted. One feels barely existing in the relationship: one does not make love any more, one does not make more compliments, one does not look any more, one does not touch anymore. In short, we behave more like roommates than lovers. It is never good to put all the twist on the back of your partner. Sometimes you need time and space to realize how important the other is to you.

We enlarge our complexes

When we do not feel really loved, our complexes take over. The jealousy becomes ubiquitous. We notice that the partner behaves differently with the others. That does not mean he’s cheating on you, it’s just that he’s going somewhere else to feel appreciated as at the beginning. To overcome this loss of self-esteem, discuss without blaming yourself.

We do not feel attracted to each other anymore

People change over time and it’s important to know each other well so you do not feel in the presence of a stranger after a while. You have to stay open to your partner’s changes and accept them because that’s what makes you happy. Most of the time, the loss of attraction is less due to the physical than to the way of life.

We are bored

If you can not have fun together, your partner will seem boring and will attract less. You fall into the routine and can not get out of it anymore. Vary the activities and surprise your half. You fell in love for a reason, find it.

We feel resentment

It’s hard to move on if you continue to blame your partner for mistakes of the past. A healthy relationship based on forgiveness and grudge has no place.

We are not honest

Deception and lies are the main kills-love. The more secrets you have, the more confidence is lost. Do not be silent and share your fears or activities.

Nobody wants to compromise

Do not let your ego take over and keep worrying about each other. Mutual concessions are the basis of a successful relationship, sometimes take it upon yourself and accept compromises.

The fairy tale is over

Sometimes it is only after having crossed the course of marriage, that one realizes that one is incompatible. We do not agree on spending or lifestyle, the arguments are growing and a probable separation is looming on the horizon. All these possibilities must be discussed before the big “Yes” and not be totally dependent on each other.

 Love was only an illusion

Sometimes we confuse love and physical attraction, especially if the relationship started with an adventure or a deception. So be careful not to fall into the panel. Love, the true, resists all kinds of obstacles: diseases, financial difficulties and other bad surprises of life.

No relationship is perfect, but do not give up quickly and do not hesitate to resort to external help: friends, family or therapy.