10 reasons you’ll always need a man

But Don’t tellll, it’s a secret!

When we argue with our darling and we are angry, we often tell him that anyway, guys are useless, and that we could very well do without him.

Uh, really? Because it’s not to say, but sometimes having a man around is still very useful …

  1. To console us when we are sad

When we watch a movie that is too sad or we learn a news that puts us in all our states, it’s still really nice to be able to throw ourselves into the reassuring and reassuring arms of a man, who will then kindly seek us out. tissues (for fear that our mascara will stain his shirt, but still!).

  1. To warm our feet at night in bed

For reasons that even the brightest scientists cannot be explained, at night in bed, women always have icy feet … while men always have super-hot feet, ready to warm our little ice cubes. !

  1. To pull up the zipper on the back of our dress

What could be worse than putting on a great little dress before going out, and having to twist yourself in all directions without being able to pull the zipper all the way up? At least, with a man around, zip, in 5 seconds, it’s done!

  1. To prick his razor

For a couple to function, solidarity and mutual aid are two fundamental values. That’s why when our razor is too worn out and we are in the shower in the morning, our darling would be delighted to know that we borrow his to pluck his legs quickly and well done. Ah, isn’t that beautiful?

  1. To replace the kitchen lamp

Let things be clear: we know how to replace a lamp that has burned out on our own (we have good leftovers from our 5th-year physics lessons on electricity, and at worst on the internet we can find tutorials). But hey, given that we’ve been cooking by candlelight in our apartment for 2 months and the boys love showing off their MacGyver side …

  1. To be able to say “You see, I was right!” “

An immense happiness which makes us appreciate the fact of being in couple? Two-person watch a game show, each give an answer, and see that we had the right one. “Hahaha I knew it, I’m too strong, I’m the brain of our couple, I told you …”. If we had been alone, it would have been less fun!

  1. To carry our bags during shopping sprees

Let’s be clear: when Chéri accompanies us on a shopping spree, he is often maddening. He groans when we want to try on clothes for us, he groans when we make him try clothes for him, he groans when we tell him that yes, there will be a shop afterwards. What a ball! Fortunately, to make up for it, it is always ok to carry our 1001 packages, and to pick us up the size above when we are in the cabin. Well, he doesn’t smile and he doesn’t show that he’s happy, but we know it!

  1. To unclog the bathroom sink

Ok, the hair that clogs it is 99.9999% ours, so what? Just to imagine putting our little mimine in the siphon of the sink and see what happens there, we catch nausea … Too hard, too yucky, too … what kind of guy!

  1. To criticize with us our friend Sarah

Sarah is one of our BFFs and we really love her. Well, except when she buys the same coat as us and pretends not to have done it on purpose. Grrr! No question of complaining to our other girlfriends who could sway us: we will confide our resentment to our partner, who will know how to hold his tongue (because he does not care a bit) and who will maybe even add a little water at our mill (because it makes him laugh to see that we curl up for so little).

  1. For somersaults under the duvet

How to say, that speaks for itself right?