10 sentences that prove that your relationship is not at the top

In a relationship, certain sentences do not deceive. If your partner is trying to get away from you, he will necessarily make you feel it with a few carefully chosen words. Maybe this is the time to have a discussion, right?

In a couple , words are sometimes very important. If your partner is in the habit of making big declarations of love to you or that he regularly sends you a sweet little word, it means that your relationship is looking good.

On the other hand, if he keeps making comments or being rude to you, you might want to start asking yourself questions. Obviously, he may have had a bad day or he is going through a period of stress . But if it becomes frequent, it is better to speak with him to determine what he really feels.

The main goal would be to determine if your other half is starting to have doubts about your romantic relationship . If that’s the case, it’s best that you know about it, whether it’s to help it move forward or just to protect yourself.

For example, if your partner becomes more irritable than usual and regularly asks you to leave him alone, you should try talking to him. By talking to him, you will be able to determine where your relationship is.

“And if your partner does not want or no longer want to go further with you, you must be aware of this to avoid wasting your time,” explains Jonathan Bennett, seduction coach, at the Bustle site .

Here are some phrases that may arouse suspicion.

“I need a little time alone”

It is not because you are in a relationship that you should spend all of your days together. It is even healthy to have each of the occupations apart from your romantic relationship. However, if your companion keeps telling you that he suddenly wants to be alone, it is surely a sign that he is starting to move away from you.

In this case, it is above all wise to give him the space he claims and to see if he feels better afterwards. If not, you should talk to him about it.

“Our relationship is going too fast”

Admittedly, there is no rhythm to respect in a couple. Your companion may just be afraid of rushing things too far, but a sentence like this can be meaningful. “People who love each other are not afraid to go fast, on the contrary,” says the specialist.

If your romantic relationship was progressing normally and your partner asks you to slow down suddenly, this may be a sign of questioning.

“I need to focus on myself”

Well, there, clearly, is that you are no longer one of his priorities. He may have a lot of work or more serious issues to deal with, but in a couple, it’s healthy to go through the hassle together.

It is essential to talk about it with your partner, especially to determine the future of your relationship.

“You deserve someone better than me”

If he utters this enigmatic sentence, there are two explanations. Either he has no confidence in himself and he tries to make you react, because he is afraid of losing you. It borders on the bizarre, but why not.

If not, it is because he is trying to evoke a break up with you, to see your reaction. Preserve yourself and try to understand what is going on.

“My friend told me we should break up”

It is normal for your partner to talk about your relationship with his friends. Besides, you do the same with your best friends , right? The problem is what he says about it. If his friend suggests he leave you, maybe it’s because he made him understand that he wanted to?

In this case, ask yourself the right question: is this relationship worth saving or not? If not, save yourself and stop wasting your time.

“You don’t answer me fast enough”

If your guy starts to move away, he can try to set up certain relationship tests to help him determine what he should do: leave you or not. If he starts blaming you on false pretenses, take him into consideration and run away.

“I didn’t think you would want to come”

If your partner starts to make plans without you, it is because he is slowly moving away. For example, if he is invited to a party in which you know a few people and he does not offer to come with him.

Again, it’s okay to do things solo. But not bothering to inform yourself and snub yourself reveals discomfort. Warning.

“I’m not in the mood”

It is not abnormal that your partner does not want to make love , even if it has been going on for a few days. We are all going through more difficult times than others, which take us away from these moments of pleasure. And that doesn’t mean your relationship is falling apart.

Only, if your companion has been pushing you back for a few weeks or even a few months and he doesn’t want to discuss the subject with you at all, then there is a problem. In a couple, communication is essential.

Rather than saying these few sentences to you, your companion may simply be silent and no longer say anything or confide in you. This behavior is also a sign of distance but you must however remain very vigilant, because it will be a shame to spoil your romantic relationship . The best thing to do is discuss it with him and figure out what you both want.

Together, you will find solutions, if not, it is not worth it.