10 Signs of a woman in love with a man and is crazy about him

A woman is much more sentimental than a man. Therefore, the symptoms of a woman in love are very different from those of a baron. They fall in love faster than men for insignificant details. Maybe that’s why we can see very pretty girls with not very handsome men.

A woman in love is focused more on feelings than on external beauty. But as in everything, each girl has her own tastes. If you have the following symptoms, it is that you are in love with that person, and it may be that you still do not want to admit it.

If you feel a tingle every time he looks at you if you suddenly find yourself thinking about him, if your heart beats only when he appears, etc. Admit it, and congratulations, you’re in love. Love is a privilege that we all have, but feeling it with intensity is not always frequent.

Top of the main signs of a woman in love with a man

Do you doubt that you are in love? That is very natural. A woman wants to fall in love according to her thoughts, but love is what you feel. A man can go through dilemmas trying to find out if a girl is in love with him. You can be wrong, but above all, you can trust a lot.

A man sometimes rushes and makes serious mistakes believing he has a woman in love in his hands. The problem is that she believes that because she is in love, everything will be easier. Yes, it will be easier, but you still have to make her fall in love, because they are very sentimental.

Here are some symptoms of a woman in love. Be aware that these signals can be very subtle. Therefore, to be safe it has to be repeated several times. Also, never take it for granted, that she is crazy about you.

A woman in love uses a very subtle speech to express her love

When a woman falls in love with a man, she will not take the initiative or run to say “I love you.” No, they don’t do that. For a logical man, this behavior is going to be a bit confusing. A woman in love is not logical at all, she is totally instinctive.

A girl in love sends subtle messages for you to notice. For example, if you are at an event and she asks for your help for no apparent reason. It may confuse you, but if it does it repeatedly. She is trying to get noticed with subtlety.

She is going to initiate a conversation, but …

It is common for guys to seek to converse with the girl they like, but it can be inappropriate. The most common is that she does not like how a man talks to her. Well, many times man has the wrong image of them.

But when a woman takes the initiative, she does it with more empathy. It is also more common for a man to feel flattered than for a girl to talk to him. She is not going to talk to you about her love, but about ordinary things of the day, like some problem at work.

If she is interested in your well-being, there may be love

One of the symptoms of a woman in love is her concern for the circumstances of the man she loves. You may not find out right away, but there may be a girl who worries that you are warm on a cold day.

It may seem like a normal thing, but if it is repeated several times, it means that you are on his mind. It is not yours yet, but if you make her fall in love well she will like it and you will confirm what she thinks of you, that you are worth it.

Signs of a woman in love: suddenly, she does something unexpected

Most of the symptoms of a woman in love with a man are non-verbal. But when you don’t understand those kinds of messages, she will be forced to change her tactics. For example, if you have a book in your hand, it is possible that, unexpectedly, she will borrow it from you.

Remember that a woman is not logical at all. While you are thinking “how it should be”, she is feeling. It will surprise you, but you just have to calm down, try to feel more, and think less.

One of the signs of a woman in love can be her lost expression

When a girl likes a man some hormones take the power of his behavior. This can cause them many problems, for example, as much as they want to control themselves, they will blush. These symptoms of a woman in love manifest themselves in many ways.

Another of these signs of a woman in love, for example, even if she doesn’t want to, she will try to be close. Sometimes you will feel confused, lost, not knowing what to do.

She will ask some questions about you looking into your eyes

Men like to ask about the life of their friends or someone they know. How did they get to this point? How did they meet, etc? There is no mystery about it, it is part of our social nature. Sometimes there may be bad intentions, but it is not our subject.

On the other hand, when a girl asks these same types of questions about a man, things change. There is a good chance that you are starting to like it. It can be the prelude to the symptoms of a woman in love.

If a woman winks at you, it means that it is time for you to realize

A woman is not going to stay in love for long if you don’t realize it. It may be contradictory to your logic, she should tell you, but love doesn’t work like that for them. She has already tried a thousand ways to make you realize it, but as always, most men don’t heed these signs.

If none of the above works for her, a woman in love begins to use her deadly weapon. It’s about the devastating wink. With the wink of a woman, even the most powerful men feel weak. A wink is very disturbing, you do not know what it really means, and if you do, you are already lost.

The shy face of a woman, the red color of her complexion speaks of love

Another of the symptoms of a woman in love will manifest itself when her love is close to her. Suddenly she is going to get very shy and with a red complexion. She will not like this, she may excuse herself with some out-of-place words, but I already explain without words that love is in her.

Some get so nervous they can’t speak. The only thing they can think of is to run away. If he approaches, she runs away, it seems illogical, he seems unfriendly, but it is all due to his lack of security. She is afraid that he will reject her.

Maybe she will give you some gifts full of meaning

When a girl gives a man a gift at the appropriate time, it means great affection. Not all girls expect the man to be the one with the gifts. When there is love, they will also use this resource to show their love.

You can act like a spoiled girl in front of you

Behaving like a spoiled child can be one of the symptoms of a woman in love. If you are a girl who acts this way in front of a man, it could already be evident. Although it seems contradictory, you are expressing your feelings towards that man.

What a girl with this behavior is looking for is her attention, that they notice her, that they appreciate her, and give her their admiration. With this attitude, many women manage to lower a man’s defenses. For example, if it is about doing something and you make protesting noises. He will pay attention to you and you will have to make a little plea.

I hope these symptoms of a woman in love with a man help you to detect if that girl is interested in you. But always remember to make her fall in love, because they are very sentimental.